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Investment purchase

Instantly invest—without intermediaries—in one of our guaranteed fixed-rate investments. It's a great way to grow your money, risk-free.


  • Account opened instantly and can be viewed at any time
  • Capital 100% guaranteed
  • Great feature to help you manage your cash, or to use for short-, medium- and long-term projects
  • Flexibility due to the buyback option offered on some of our products
  • Option of automatically renewing investment at maturity or having it deposited, along with accrued interest, into your chequing account

How it works

Step 1:

Under the Investments section, click Make an investment.

Step 2:

Select a savings product and folio and click Validate

Step 3:

Fill out the information and confirm your purchase.

Did you know?

You can delegate the Investment purchase feature to an employee and still maintain control. Learn more about transaction delegation.

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