Stop payment

With this feature, you can place a stop payment on one or more cheques in Canadian or U.S. currency or on pre-authorized payments in Canadian currency. Works with all your transaction accounts.


  • Can be done quickly and allows you to stay in control of your transactions
  • Cut back on phone calls and trips to your caisse
  • Track stop payment orders placed by you or your caisse

How it works

Step 1:

Click More options. Select Cancel a transaction.

Step 2:

Click either Cheques or Pre-authorized payments.

Step 3:

Click Add a stop payment.

Step 4:

Select the account, then enter the information about the cheque or pre-authorized payment you are looking for.

Enter the information for the cheque(s) you would like to place a stop payment on. Click Validate to complete the request.

Did you know?

Cheque imaging lets you view several cheques at a time or download several cheque images (in PDF) for a specific period. AccèsD Affaires users who have the cheque return option on their account can now easily and economically keep track of their cheques online. Learn more about cheque imaging.