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How to enter a bill

To pay a bill using AccèsD Affaires, you must first enter the organization in your bill file.

Have your bill handy because you will need some of the information it contains.

(Members who use AccèsD Affaires)


  • In the right-hand menu, click Profile and preferences. Under the Business heading, click Bills.
  • On the Bill payments page, under the Manage bills tab, click Add a service provider.
  • On the Add a service provider page, select Add a standard service provider.
  • At the next step, select a service provider.
  • Enter the name or part of a service provider's name, select a category and click Search.
  • Select a service provider and click Validate.
  • Enter the information requested.

Log on to AccèsD Affaires

By phone

1 877 ACCESD A (1 877 222-3732)

You will then be able to pay this bill on AccèsD Affaires Internet or at the ATM without using the detachable portion of the bill.

Consult the list of new billing organizations regularly.

To enter another person's credit card bill

To enter another person's Desjardins credit card, Ameublements Tanguay, Brault & Martineau, or Colonial Furniture bill, call 1-877-ACCESDA (1-877-222-3732).

Note that since you are not the account holder, you will not have access to the account balance or statement on AccèsD Affaires.

Did you know?
You can delegate the task of paying bills to an employee and still maintain control.

To use AccèsD Affaires
You must have a Desjardins business account.

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