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Chequing Account

Your basic commercial account

  • Regular transactions can be made at the caisse counter and by automated services
  • Possibility of adding several types of financing
  • Canadian dollar account
  • Simplifies your company's day-to-day transactions, funds transfers and cash management transactions.
  • Open more than 1 chequing account to suit your needs (administration, payroll, assets, special projects, etc.).
  • Learn more about deposit insurance (FAQ).
  • This account does not bear interest.
  • If your organization has a history of regular cash flow or wishes to consolidate funds in this account, an interest rate may be available pending the results of an analysis of transactions.
  • Interest rate is set based on the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec prime rate, less a certain percentage.
  • Cash and cheque deposits at the teller counter or night deposit.
  • Cash and cheque deposits at the night deposit combined with ATM.
  • Option of making inter-Caisses commercial deposits.
  • Withdrawals at the teller counter, ATMs or by direct payment for accounts requiring only one signature.
  • Direct withdrawals (preauthorized withdrawals) and direct deposits.
  • Option of issuing cheques.
  • Bill payments.
  • Automatic transfers.
  • Plans:
    • For small businesses and non-profit organisations.

    Learn more about our plans.

  • Fees:
    • For all types of businesses.
    • Per transaction fees (variable fee schedule).
    • Customized transaction fees (fixed fee schedule).

    Learn more about fees.

Learn how to open a Desjardins Business Account.