Paying less taxes

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Individuals in business

Solutions for professionals and rental real-estate owners

The interest on your loans becomes tax deductible.

The cash damming technique lets you reduce your income taxes by gradually converting your personal debt, for which interest is not deductible, into new debt to cover your business expenses, for which interest is fully deductible.

Possibility offered to:

  • self-employed workers
  • sole business proprietors
  • rental real-estate owners
  • partners in a partnership

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The rule: expenses incurred to earn income are generally deductible.

As the owner of a rental property or building used to operate a business, you are eligible for certain tax deductions.

Deductible expenses fall under 3 categories:

  • Current expenses
  • Capital expenses
  • Extraordinary expenditures

These may give rise to a deduction for depreciation.

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