Reducing your debt and fees

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Pay less fees

It's easy to pay less

Opt for one of our transaction plans.

  • Fixed monthly fee, which makes planning easier
  • For your everyday account
  • Designed to make your life easier and help you save

The fee for the monthly plan will be waived if you maintain your plan's required minimum monthly balance in your account all month long.

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Really affordable.

Our automated services help you reduce your service charges:

  • Sign up for AccèsD.
  • Use Desjardins ATMs.
  • Automate your bill payments.
  • Use direct payment.
  • Opt for direct deposit.
  • Sign up for overdraft transfer.
  • Choose automatic transfers.
  • Get a Desjardins credit card.

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Choose the Desjardins credit card that best suits your needs:

  • Cards with rewards programs
  • Low interest rate cards
  • Cards with no annual fee

Which card is best for you?

Learn more about our credit cards - Credit cards

Minimize interest charges on your credit cards and mortgage.

Some winning habits:

  • Pay your credit card balance in full by the due date each month.
  • If need be, opt for:
    • a low interest rate card
    • a line of credit
  • Reduce the repayment period for your mortgage, increase your payment amount or accelerate your payments.

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Chorus II: 1 big investment instead of several smaller ones

Think about combining all your investments into the same account to invest in a Chorus II investment portfolio and benefit from a reduction in your management fees. Your fees decrease as the value of your assets increases, and an annual rebate is granted in the form of additional shares paid into your account.

Other advantages:

  • Maximizes the tax efficiency of your assets
  • Allows you to benefit from a sophisticated investment solution that transitions along with you through your working years into retirement

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