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Planning your retirement

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Your needs

Plan your retirement

Put all the odds in your favour.

Paying less taxes

Use the law to your advantage and give less to the government

Protecting yourself and your loved ones

Don't let an unfortunate incident ruin what you've worked for

Planning your estate

Avoid worries for the people who matter most

Our products

Accounts and services

TFSA Savings Account – No minimum required

Non-taxable interest and withdrawals

High-Yield Account – If you keep a high balance

Chequing account with better interest rates

Enhanced Investment Account – No fees

Deposits, withdrawals and transfers of at least $5,000

Cards, loans and credit

RRSP Loan – No maximum amount

Attractive rates and flexible repayment options

Accord D RRSP financing – From $500 to $50,000

Available in just a few minutes

Versatile Line of Credit - A home equity line of credit – Reduced rate

Perfect for contributing to your RRSP

Savings and investment

Climbing-Rate Term Savings (GIC) – The name says it all

Rates as high as 4% in the 5th year

Market-linked guaranteed investment – Invest in stock markets with a safety net

Exposure to the stock market without putting your capital at risk

Melodia portfolios – An investment solution in tune with your needs

All-in-one solution for investing across different asset classes

Chorus II portfolios – Investing with distinction

Refine your investment strategy


Permanent life insurance – Lump sum benefit, fixed cost, tax-free

Continuous coverage, no matter what happens to your health

Critical illness insurance – No financial hassles

Set your own (tax-free) benefit amount

Long-term care insurance – Stay right where you want to be

Maximum $10,000 monthly benefit, with no need to submit receipts

Universal life insurance – Coverage and tax savings

Savings portion: investment income is tax free

Travel Insurance – Hassle-free travelling

Healthcare and accident coverage while travelling outside your home province