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Paying less taxes

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Registered plans

Save tax-free

Flexible, efficient and available to everyone.

  • Reduces your annual taxable income.
  • Savings you make during your working years are sheltered from tax so you can supplement your future retirement income.
  • Plan transferable tax-free to your spouse at your death
  • Can be used to help you buy a home (HBP).
  • Can be used to go back to school (LLP).
  • Must be transferred into a RRIF (Registered Retirement Income Fund) no later than December 31 of the year you turn 71.
  • Depending on your personal situation, different types of RRSPs may suit you.

Learn more - RRSP

To carry out your long- or short-term projects.

  • Registered savings plan that allows you to put money aside tax-free so you can reach your goals and create an emergency fund
  • Non-taxable investment income
  • Withdrawals non-taxable and without charge, regardless of the reason for the withdrawal1
  • Contributions not tax-deductible

Learn more - TSFA

1. Certain restrictions may apply, depending on the investment.

Funds from your former employer's pension plan.

  • Tax-sheltered investment
  • Funds cannot be seized
  • You may convert all or part of your LIRA or Locked-In RSP into an annuity or LIF at any time
  • Withdrawals allowed before retirement only under exceptional circumstances
  • At death, LIRA or Locked-In RSP balance is transferred to spouse or, in certain conditions, your estate

Learn more - Locked-In Retirement Account LIRA

Contribute more than the RRSP-allowed maximum.

  • Pension plan for one person.
  • Employer-sponsored plan where contributions are paid by the business and deductible from its income.
  • Defined benefits: the amount of the annuity is determined in advance (an actuary calculates the contributions required to guarantee it).

Learn more - Individual pension plan (IPP)

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