Refinancing to use your home equity

Taking advantage of the value of your home

Refinance your mortgage with a Versatile Line of Credit, a cost-effective, comprehensive solution.

In the past, your mortgage helped you achieve your dream of becoming a homeowner. Now it can help you meet other needs and attain your goals.

Desjardins, an expert eye on your wealth

Take stock of your financial situation with your Desjardins advisor. By going over your short-, medium- and long-term projects, you'll be able to take advantage of the benefits available at Desjardins.

You'll get the confidence that you are getting a customized lending solution, the result of a well-thought out financial strategy, reflecting your needs and borrowing profile.

Do you need money to carry out the following?

  • Short-term projects (unexpected home renovations, going back to school, travelling, buying a car, etc.)?
  • Longer-term projects (major home renovations, buying an RV, investing in a retirement plan, etc.)

The Desjardins home equity line of credit, the Versatile Line of Credit, offers you a simple, flexible and comprehensive solution.

Plan, combine and manage all your financial needs

The Versatile Line of Credit helps you use the equity in your home to increase your current mortgage. It allows you to you plan ahead for, combine and manage your current and future financial needs.

A home equity line of credit offers you many options.

Use your home's value to finance your needs and projects

Using your home equity to finance your needs or projects is an economical solution which, when used carefully, can help you increase your ability to save.

Already have a Versatile Line of Credit?

Desjardins offers you various financial strategies based on an approach perfectly tailored to your profile and financial objectives.

Already have a mortgage at Desjardins or another financial institution?

The Versatile Line of Credit will surprise you with its flexibility and ability to meet your needs. Learn more about the Versatile Line of Credit.

Interested? Convert your mortgage into a Versatile Line of Credit.

If your deed of loan includes the Multiproject Option and you want to take advantage of it, you could look into refinancing options. Learn more about the Multiproject Option.

Your mortgage isn't up for renewal? There's a solution for you.

Ask your advisor about the Green Homes Program, which rewards green building and renovating with a comprehensive offer that includes cashback, rebates, great rates, tips and many other advantages.

Learn more - Green Homes Program

Why settle for simple refinancing when other options are available to simplify your life?

  • Did you buy your home several years ago and now it's grown in value?
  • Could some of your current loans benefit from a review?
  • Do you have a multitude of projects in mind, but haven't yet considered how you might finance them?

When the time comes to refinance your mortgage, Desjardins invites you to discover your financial potential to:

In both cases, our solutions will simplify your life.