Refinancing to use your home equity

Get financing to carry out your projects

Use the Versatile Line of Credit wisely to carry out your personal projects.

Mortgage financing is constantly changing. At Desjardins, we ensure we always offer the most innovative products that best meet our members' needs.

Desjardins, an expert eye on your wealth

Did you buy your home several years ago and now it's grown in value? Your home equity is a new financing solution that allows you to save on interest charges, which is helpful as you complete your projects.

Take advantage of the fact that you're refinancing your mortgage to combine your existing loans in a Versatile Line of Credit. Manage all of your loans better with the Loan Portfolio Management Program.

The Versatile Line of Credit, an excellent way to:

  • make home renovations
  • finance your children's education
  • invest in a retirement plan
  • replace a car that no longer suits your needs

The Reduce your debt interest charges using your home equity tool lets you see how you can use your home equity with a Versatile Line of Credit to reduce the interest you pay on your various loans. These savings will give you extra cash in your monthly budget to carry out personal projects.