Becoming a homeowner

Newcomers to Canada

Recently arrived in Canada or planning to move here soon? Desjardins, the largest mortgage lender in Quebec, can finance the purchase of your new property.

You'd like to do business with a major financial institution that's ready to help you at every step of the way? That can understand your needs and meet them?

At Desjardins, you can count on an ally to help you adapt to your new environment. To learn more about our comprehensive services, see our Newcomers to Canada section.

Get off to a good start

Contact Carrefour Desjardins located in downtown Montreal ahead of time or after your arrival. There you will find a multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual team dedicated to serving the needs of newcomers.

Canada and the U.S.: 1-877-875-1118

Other countries (collect): 1-514-875-6794

What a great goal! But let's start at the beginning:

  1. Decide on the city, neighbourhood and type of home (detached, semi-detached, row house or condo) you want.
  2. Clearly define your expectations or needs.
  3. Make a budget.

Desjardins has prepared a Homebuyers' Guide (PDF, 708 ko) - This link will open in a new window., for prospective buyers that will answer your questions.

You'll find listings of properties for sale in:

  • local newspapers
  • specialized magazines
  • online, on real estate agency websites

You can also hire a realtor to help you in your search. Realtors are housing specialists. Explain your budget, lifestyle and type of area that you are looking for. The realtor will:

  • help you quickly find the home that meets your needs
  • arrange appointments and accompany you on visits
  • advise you during negotiations
  • help you with your offer to purchase

When you are ready to get a loan to make your purchase, Desjardins advisors will accompany and guide you through the process.

Our financing and insurance solutions

Desjardins offers a flexible range of financing and insurance solutions that can be tailored to your residential project, your borrowing profile and your wishes.


Desjardins is the largest mortgage lender in Quebec. At Desjardins, you'll find products and services tailored to your situation and your borrowing profile. You will also benefit from the advice of a professional ready to help you carry out your project every step of the way.

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Loan Insurance

This insurance coverage helps you meet your loan payment obligations in the event of disability or death

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Home Insurance

Whether you live in a house, a condominium or an apartment, Desjardins Insurance has made-to-measure protection for you. Add the home insurance coverage you need to our basic all-risk insurance.

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Savings accounts

You've decided to rent while you save the money needed to buy a property? In this case, we recommend you open a Regular Deposit Term Savings account.

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Key when shopping for a home:
a preauthorized mortgage

This step lets you find out the maximum loan amount and the price of the property you can afford.

Get your preauthorization right away; it will be of great use in helping you find the property that will become your new home.

Desjardins Insurance refers to Desjardins General Insurance Inc.