Student caisse: a project for high schools

Exclusive advantage for members

A student caisse is a mini Desjardins caisse in a high school. It is managed and administered uniquely by volunteer students: a great student/school initiative! The caisse services are intended exclusively for the students and their associations. A student caisse operates under the authority and supervision of a local Desjardins caisse.

Objectives for student caisse members:

  • Promote the habit of saving and provide them with appropriate complementary services.
  • Introduce them to the principles of sound financial management.
  • Kindle individual and collective entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Promote overall cooperation.

The student is the sole account owner and is in charge of the account. No adult authorization is required for a student to enrol in the student caisse and carry out transactions.

  • Qualifying share: essential for becoming a member, it represents the access key to all the services
  • Deposits
  • Chequing account (with or without Desjardins Access Card)
  • Term savings
  • Regular savings
  • Cashing and issuing of cheques
  • Withdrawals
  • Transfers

For the high school

  • Enhance the students' experience in terms of learning about cooperation, economics, finance and administration.
  • Enrich their student life through a group project.
  • Offer financial services tailored to the students.

For the students

  • Enhance their knowledge and enable them to gain hands-on experience in terms of learning about cooperation, economics, finance and administration.
  • Provide them with the experience of a group project for which they are responsible.

The success of a student caisse depends largely on the students themselves. However, the assistance provided by the high school and the local Desjardins caisse is instrumental.

Responsibilities of the high school

Responsibilities of the school administration

  • Appoint one or more teachers to supervise and support the implementation and development of the student caisse.
  • Provide a room for the students that can be kept locked.
  • Facilitate activities for the students involved in the project and for the person representing the Desjardins caisse
    (e.g., class visits, signage, use of the school's Internet access, etc.).

Note: In principle, setting up a student caisse does not involve any cash outlay for the school.

Responsibilities of the teacher

  • Appoint students to form the coordinating committee for setting up the student caisse.
  • In collaboration with the coordinating committee, organize the preliminary needs analyses and the communication initiatives for all students.
  • Organize the recruitment of managers and employees for the student caisse.
  • Attend all meetings of the student caisse board. The teacher's role is to motivate and advise the students.
  • Supervise the students' organization, coordination and monitoring of the caisse to ensure smooth operations, promotion of the caisse services and customer satisfaction.
  • Facilitate communication between the students involved in the project, the school authorities, the other teachers and the rest of the student body.

Note: The time a teacher devotes to the student caisse can amount to about 4 hours a week during the launch phase. Afterwards, depending on how independent the students are, less time is required.

Responsibilities of the Desjardins caisse

Responsibilities of the Desjardins caisse management

  • Assign a Desjardins caisse representative to the student caisse. This person will liaise with the teacher and be responsible for communications with the Desjardins caisse.
  • Provide all the materials and equipment (stationery, forms and documentation) needed to operate the student caisse.
  • Provide the student caisse with the budget required to operate, if applicable.
  • Insure the amounts committed against theft and other similar risks associated with operating a student caisse.
  • Insure all the equipment and furniture in the possession of the student caisse against fire and theft.
  • Set up the appropriate mechanisms for members to be able to access their student caisse account during the summer months, for those who wish to do so.

Responsibilities of the Desjardins caisse representative

  • Provide training and ongoing guidance to the various individuals involved in the student caisse.
  • Assist the teacher with his/her responsibilities.
  • Monitor the management of the student caisse's liquidity fund and term deposit fund.
  • Make regular visits to the student caisse to verify the liquidity fund balance and make cash transfers.

Exclusive advantage for members

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