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Community development 

For more than 120 years, we've been improving people's lives and communities by supporting important initiatives that shape our society.

Our community involvement

Discover our programs, which allow people and companies to bring their projects to life, reach their goals and fulfill their ambitions. 

Together For Our Youth

Through our program, we support hundreds of thousands of young Canadians. 

Learn about the Together For Our Youth program.

GoodSpark Fund 

We're investing $250 million in projects that reflect various communities' priorities.

Learn more about the GoodSpark Fund.

Momentum Fund 

The Momentum Fund provides financial support for business growth.

Learn more about the Momentum Fund.

GoodSpark Grants 

We're giving $3 million in GoodSpark Grants to Canadian small businesses.

Learn more about Desjardins GoodSpark Grants.

Sponsorships and charitable partnerships

We're actively involved in the community, and we endorse initiatives that promote culture and the economy.

If you're seeking support for a project or initiative, fill out our partnership application.

Collaborations and initiatives

La Ruche

Our partner La Ruche is a crowdfunding platform that helps local entrepreneurs and organizations.

Learn more about La Ruche.

The Project Factory

One of our educational initiatives, the Project Factory is a fundraising platform for school and extracurricular projects in elementary and secondary schools in Quebec and Ontario.

Learn more about The Project Factory.

The Desjardins Foundation

Every year, the Desjardins Foundation helps young people succeed academically through scholarships, prizes, donations and partnerships.

Learn more about the Desjardins Foundation.