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GoodSpark Fund

$250M to go all in

Serving communities for more than 120 years

Through our GoodSpark Fund, we continue to support socioeconomic development and community spirit. That's why, by 2024, we're investing $250 million in projects that reflect community priorities. Together, we're taking action on issues that matter to you.

At Desjardins, we strongly believe that by supporting community initiatives, we can have a positive impact on local and regional vitality. Year after year, we're proving that the cooperative model has a bright future, and I'm convinced that we're in the perfect position to understand and meet the needs of communities. Through our close ties with local organizations, we can help them jump on new development opportunities and create new partnerships.

Guy Cormier

President and CEO of Desjardins Group

Investing in what matters most

We're looking to support community projects that contribute to the vitality of our communities by getting our community leaders involved. That's why we invest in organizations working in the areas that matter most to you:

  • Excellence and innovation hubs
  • Employment and labour force
  • Entrepreneurship and business succession
  • The environment
  • Humanitarian work and community involvement
  • Academic success and training
  • Housing and local services
  • Sports, recreation, art, culture and tourism
  • Health and healthy lifestyles


The projects submitted must:

  1. Be socioeconomic in nature and be both impactful and sustainable
  2. Bring something new to the range of services offered by the project sponsor
  3. Have a positive impact on people and communities
  4. Be in step with local priorities
  5. Meet a community need
  6. Rally key community partners
  7. Reflect sustainable development goals
  8. Focus on the best interests of the community, not the project sponsor

Project selection

Caisse directors and general managers with strong local connections and knowledge select meaningful projects as part of a thorough review process.

Submit your project today

If you have any questions about the GoodSpark Fund, the eligibility criteria or the project submission process, contact a caisse manager in your region.