Get pre-approved for a mortgage

Mortgage pre-approval

Here's why and how to get pre-approved for a mortgage.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage

  • By phone

    Give us a call to discuss the homebuying process or to apply for a mortgage pre-approval.

    Montreal area: 514-745-9499, option 9

    Elsewhere in Canada and the US: 1-844-626-2476, option 9

  • On AccèsD

    Are you a member and thinking about buying your first home?

    On AccèsD, go to the Home section and click Prepare to buy. Apply for a mortgage pre-approval and receive an instant response.

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Pre-approval basics

A mortgage pre-approval tells you how much you could borrow to buy your future home and shows that you're a serious buyer. It's non-binding, which means you're in no way committed to taking out a mortgage.

Advantages of getting pre-approved

  • Makes the homebuying process that much easier
  • Shows that you're able to make the purchase
  • Specifies the maximum you can pay for your future home, based on your borrowing capacity and down payment
  • Gives you a head start on your meeting with your real estate broker or the person selling the property
  • Guarantees a fixed rate for a limited time depending on which mortgage you choose


  • Guarantees the difference between a variable rate and the prime rate for a limited time, depending on which mortgage you choose

Pre-approval in 3 steps

  1. Assess your financing needs based on what you can afford.
  2. Get a prompt answer.
  3. Get the mortgage terms and certificate upon approval.

Online tools

Buying your first home

If you're a Desjardins member, log in to AccèsD to walk through the key steps of the buying process and to:

  • Calculate your budget
  • Estimate your monthly payments
  • Get pre-approved

Log in to AccèsD

On AccèsD, go to the Home section and click Prepare to buy.