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Manage your insurance policies online

Whether you want to modify your policy, file a claim or need your insurance documents, it's never been easier to manage your home and auto policies, even on your mobile! Want to do your part for the environment? We can help. Sign up for our No Paper option today.

Why use Online Services?

Online Services allows you to manage your existing insurance policy without always having to call an agent. It only takes a few minutes to estimate an insurance premium, register a new vehicle, file a claim and much more! It's fast, secure and easy!

File an insurance claim

Need to report an accident or damage to your home or vehicle? You can use our convenient Online Services to file a claim yourself, day or night.

Find and view premiums for different vehicles (56 s)

Thinking about purchasing a new car? Get an estimate for different vehicles.Once you've purchased a new vehicle, you can add it straight to your insurance policy.

Store a vehicle (57 s)

No need to call us, simply use our Online Services to enter the storage date and you'll be done in only a few minutes!

Go paper-free! (41 s)

Sign up for the No Paper option today and access your insurance documents electronically.

Change your address (1 min 1 s)

Moving? It only takes a few clicks for you to update your address in your account.

How to log on to Online Services in AccèsD

  • Open the Home and auto insurance section at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on one of your polices to log on to Online Services!
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