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Transfer your preauthorized payments and direct deposits to Desjardins

Make it easy to manage your finances by transferring all preauthorized payments and direct deposits to your Desjardins account. You'll save considerably on service fees by using a single financial institutions for all your transactions, therefore making the most of your Desjardins account.

We've developed the Desjardins Transfer Checklist (PDF, 248 KB) - This link will open in a new window. to keep track of your transfer status and follow-up any changes. It contains lists of organizations to call and transfer request forms for preauthorized transactions.

What are preauthorized transactions?

There are 2 types of preauthorized transactions:

  • Preauthorized payment is an easy and secure way of paying your bills. Rather than paying your bills yourself, you authorize a bill payee recipient (e.g. Internet provider) to retrieve the funds directly from your account when the payment is due.
  • Direct deposit is a fast and simple way for organizations (e.g. your employer) to deposit funds directly to your account, without these funds being frozen.

4 simple steps for transferring your preauthorized transactions

  1. Gather the required documents.
  2. Transfer your preauthorized payments.
  3. Transfer your direct deposits.
  4. Close your old account.

Check your Desjardins monthly account statement to make sure all preauthorized transactions have been transferred. Once all transactions have been transferred, you can close your old account at another financial institution or caisse.

To learn more, see the Desjardins Transfer Checklist (PDF, 248 Ko) - This link will open in a new window..

  1. Transfer fees, other fees, or commissions may be claimed by a biller or expediting financial institution. Desjardins is not responsible for these fees or commissions.