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Planning your start-up

Do you have an idea and maybe even potential customers? Where should you start? Before you make any decisions, check out our pre-startup calendar and meet with a specialized business start-up advisor. You'll have what it takes to build a solid business plan in no time!

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Do you know what types of financing are available?

Both new and expanding businesses need money to fund their projects. Your business must get funding for each item it requires to operate: working capital, ongoing expenses, tools, equipment, buildings, patents, etc. Once you’ve established your needs, you must determine what sources of funding are available to meet them.

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Creating a cooperative to grow your business

A producers' cooperative operates a business whose primary goal is to provide the goods and services its members need to carry out their work. This formula may be an appealing legal framework for self-employed workers, professionals, merchants or producers seeking to establish a network where there is strength in numbers.

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6 tips for quick, efficient invoicing

Make sure to invoice your customers, collect payment and deposit payments immediately to maximize your cash inflows. Here are 6 tips for efficient invoicing.

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Managing unexpected growth

Define your vision right away—it will guide your business through a 2-stage growth process of selling and structuring. After making sales and meeting your objectives, you'll need to take time out to think about how to structure your business.

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Optimizing your pricing strategy

Price influences how customers perceive your products and services and their quality. It also helps determine your company's market share and profits. That's why your pricing strategy is a key part of your marketing plan.

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Planning for success

In farming, technical management is no longer enough. Farmers must now perform overall management and risk assessment much like for any other business. Aiming for profitability, assessing risks effectively, taking steps to strengthen the business’s financial situation, facing potential crises—strategic planning encompasses all these tasks and more.

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What type of farmer are you?

Since farms have become bona fide SMEs—some with roughly $500,000 in sales, more than $1 million in assets and often considerable debt—farmers must now have the traits of business leaders.

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