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  • Cash back deposited to your account
  • Exclusive advantages on a number of products
  • Access to Desjardins experts and support tools

Exclusive advantage for members

Combine by choosing the following 2 products:

And take advantage of the Welcome Kit2, which gives you access to a range of cashback offers and discounts.

Get exclusive financial advantages with the Welcome Kit

$75 or $125 cash back deposited to your account

$75 or $125 cash back deposited to your account
Exclusively as part of the Welcome Kit

Ensure your business's success with unparalleled guidance

The Welcome Kit: Give your business a boost! (55 s)

Félix Guyon, co-founder of design studio Larose Guyon, talks about Desjardins's support for his company, how the Welcome Kit is providing significant financial benefits right now and how he plans to make use of other advantages down the road.

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Exclusive advantage for members

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1. Subject to credit approval by Desjardins Card Services

2. New Desjardins Business member who has obtained the required products, up to 6 months after having opened an account.

3. Credit applies to set-up fees of up to $250. The unused credit amount is non-refundable.