Everyday account for youth

Everyday account for youth

  • Unlimited transactions for members under 18
  • Desjardins Debit Card on request
  • Managing regular transactions on AccèsD
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Starting a part-time job is a good time to open a youth everyday account (Youth Profit Account).

Debit Card advantages

The Desjardins Debit Card enables all regular transactions, including:

  • Paying for purchases
  • Using ATMs

Teens can use the Desjardins Debit Card to log in to AccèsD, our online platform for managing regular transactions. These transactions are possible anytime, anywhere with the Desjardins mobile services app, on AccèsD or at a Desjardins ATM.

Desjardins Debit Card must be used responsibly.

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View monthly statements online

Monthly account statements can be viewed on our mobile app. These statements show:

Enjoy unlimited transactions

A youth everyday account offers many perks, including unlimited transactions until age 18.

No-fee transactions

No-fee transactions include:

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals at Desjardins ATMs
  • Most transfers
  • Bill payments
  • Purchases made with a Desjardins Debit Card

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Good to know

Under certain conditions, a youth everyday account (including benefits) may be kept until age 25.

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