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Service fees for individual transactions

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Get the complete breakdown of charges for regular transactions, account maintenance, additional services and foreign currency transactions.

Looking to save on fees? Choose a fixed-rate monthly plan according to your transaction habits and usual minimum balance.

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Transaction Everyday and Regular Savings Accounts À la Carte Account
Withdrawal, transfer and payment of a bill registered in your file $1.25 $1.50
Deposit, account balance information, passbook update, summary of transactions, line-of-credit repayment Free Free
Withdrawals at non-Desjardins ATMs
(additional network fees may apply)
Interac® network (in Canada)


Plus network (outside Canada)
  Desjardins Bank
  Crédit Mutuel
  North America


AccèsD (Internet, mobile or Telephone)
Transfer and payment of a bill registered in your file (Interac e-Transfers® and money transfers cannot be made on AccèsD Telephone.) $1.25 $1.50
Account balance information, online account statement, summary of transactions, line-of-credit repayment Free Free
Direct payment (Canada, United States) $1.25 $1.50
Direct deposit, automatic transfer between accounts in the same folio Free Free
Pre-authorized payment $1.25 $1.50
Automatic transfer between accounts in different folios at the same or different caisses $1.25 $1.50
Cheque $1.25 $1.50
Teller services
Cheque cashing, withdrawal or transfer $1.25 $1.50
Bill payment $2.25 $2.50
Deposit, account balance information, passbook update and line-of-credit repayment Free Free

As of September 19, 2021, you’re no longer able to select a passbook when opening a new account or switch to a passbook from a paper or online statement.

Cashing government cheques

In Quebec and in Ontario, there is no charge for the complete or partial cashing of a cheque or payment order issued by the federal government.

In Quebec only, there is no charge for the complete or partial cashing of a cheque or payment order issued by the Quebec government or a Quebec municipality.

Account maintenance fees may apply to certain accounts if the total balance in your folio (your everyday and Regular Savings Accounts) is less than $2,500.

The rates are as follows:

Account Fee
Account with monthly online statement
For all types of account Free
Account with monthly paper statement
For an everyday acccount with a transaction plan including related Regular Savings Accounts Free
For an everyday account without a transaction plan including related Regular Savings Accounts $1.00/month
Passbook account
For an everyday account $2.50/month
For a Regular Savings Account $2.50/month

As of September 19, 2021, you’re no longer able to select a passbook when opening a new account or switch to a passbook from a paper or online statement.

Service Fee
Cancelling a bill payment $5.00
Access Card
Additional card $5.00
Certified cheque
At signatory's request $15.00
At payee's request $20.00
Safety deposit box (annual rental) From $40.00
Order of personalized cheques Supplier's price
Confirmation or information on balances, fees, interest, transactions or other operations
In writing $35.00/hour
Stop payment
With complete information (date, balance and name of payee)
On AccèsD $12.00
At the counter $13.00
With partial information $20.00
For a series of cheques or pre-authorized payments $20.00
Cashing traveller's cheques Free
Closing an account
Upon request from another institution $20.00
Less than 90 days after opening $20.00
Inactive folio
After 1 year $15.00
After 2 years $30.00
After 3 years $50.00
After 2 years $15.00
After 5 years $30.00
After 9 years $50.00
Insufficient funds
Cheque or pre-authorized payment without funds
(indicated as “Returned cheque charges” on account statement)
  Caisse transfer
  Annual interest rate (calculated daily)

Overdraft protection (on eligible credit card) Free
Cheque or other document search
Made at the member's request Free
Made at the request of a third party $5.00/document
Registered plan
Total or partial withdrawal (RRSP, LIRA) Free
Preauthorized transfer (RRIF, LIF) Free
Transfer to a financial institution other than Desjardins (TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, LIRA, LIF) $100.00
Monthly online account statement (on AccèsD Internet) Free
Account statement with cheque images
Monthly account paper statement
With online cheque images $2.00
With paper cheque images $3.50
Monthly online account statement on AccèsD Internet
With paper cheque images $3.50
With online cheque images $2.00
Draft (all currencies)
Reimbursement and photocopy Between $10.00 and $50.00
Issurance $7.50
Money order (all currencies)
Reimbursement and photocopy Between $10.00 and $50.00
All other administrative tasks
Requested by a member, a third party or as a result of a member's error $35.00/hour (min. $17.50)

As of June 12, 2022, return of paper cheque images will only be available to those who already have this service.

Transaction Fee
Purchase and sale of US currency Free
Purchase and sale of currencies other than US $3.50
Issuance of a US dollar cheque on a Canadian dollar account $17.00
Cashing or deposit of cheques, money orders or drafts in a Canadian dollar account
US currency $2.50/deposit or cashing
Other foreign currency $12.00/deposit or cashing
Funds transfer
Sending funds
SWIFT electronic funds transfers
Sent abroad $15
To Desjardins Bank $7.50
Direct deposit
To Desjardins Bank Free on AccèsD
$5.00 at a caisse
To the U.S. $4.00
Abroad $8.00
Haïti, Morocco, Portugal10 $7.00
Receiving funds
Under $50.00 Free
More than $50.00 $15.00

Services and fees may vary from one caisse to another. Contact your caisse for further details.

3 ways to pay less in service fees

  1. Choose a monthly transaction plan. Pick one that suits your usual minimum balance and transaction volume.
  2. Combine transactions. Ask for cash back when you're paying for your groceries at the store.
  3. Bundle bills in a single payment. Pay off your credit card in one monthly payment instead of several.

More tips to reduce your service fees

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  1. Cheques and pre-authorized payments are transactions that cannot be made with a Regular Savings Account.
  2. For withdrawals at non-Desjardins Interac* and Plus -affiliated ATMs, fees of $1.50, $3.00 or $5.00 may apply. However, some ATM operators may charge additional fees. They must inform you of the fee via an on-screen message before processing the transaction. You then have the option of cancelling the transaction. These fees are added to the withdrawal amount and paid directly to the ATM operator. For more information, see page 18 of the Service fees guide available at your caisse or at
  3. Fees also apply to transactions in $U.S. Build-Up Savings Accounts.
  4. Personal Chequing, Build-Up Savings and Professionals accounts.
  5. These charges are subject to the GST and QST (Quebec) or HST (Ontario).
  6. An overdraft is when your account is overdrawn, meaning that a cheque or pre-authorized payment is made when there are insufficient funds. In this case, the caisse may, at its discretion, advance you the sum necessary to complete the transaction.
  7. The available credit limit for an overdraft transfer, the card conditions, and the applicable credit and security rules may lead to service suspension. Details and conditions at
  8. Fees of $12.00 apply for each deposit or cashing of more than 1 item (cheque, money order or draft) if these items are in the same currency from the same country.
  9. Available only on AccèsD.
  10. Applicable fees are calculated on the transferred amount received, or, as the case may be, on the amount of Canadian currency resulting from the conversion of foreign currency. The conversion rate corresponds to market rates in effect at the time funds are received.
  11. Some correspondent banks may impose fees or additional charges, which will be deducted from the amount transferred.