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My estate

The possibility of leaving more to your loved ones for Jocelyne Landry - Smart planner

Planning your estate transfer

Start your estate planning now to leave your loved ones with a bigger inheritance - while minimizing their tax burden - and ensure family harmony. Make life easier for your children and talk about it with your family. Better to plan it early!

By planning your estate, you can:

  • Divide it up according to your wishes
  • Take the right steps to minimize taxes on your estate and maximize the inheritance for your loved ones

You can count on support from your wealth management advisor to guide you. For example, they can:

Any questions? Please write us:
Your estate planning : talk with your family!

Your estate planning : talk with your family!
(1 min 54 s)

2016 Changes

Tax rules related to testamentary trusts, estates and charitable bequests



So you can protect your family and divide your estate as you see fit.


Because when you plan how your assets are transferred, you help your loved ones respect your wishes without the guesswork.


So you can grow your assets, enjoy them to the fullest today and maximize your loved ones' inheritance tomorrow.


So you can find out the net value of your estate upon your passing and start implementing the right tax strategies today.


So you can set up strategies to give your heirs as much as possible, even after taxes.


So you can have peace of mind knowing that your personal businesses and loved ones are well taken care of.

Estate planning - 6 reasons to meet with your advisor

Managing an inheritance: don't get caught off guard

Discuss your inheritance with your parents to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Don't wait to talk to your parents. Find out if they have a will, and where they keep their important documents. Encourage them to make an inventory of their assets (PDF, 1,8 mb), and keep it up to date. You'll be glad you did down the line; having the right information will allow you to respect their wishes and focus on getting your family through a difficult time.

You can count on support from your wealth management advisor

Your Desjardins wealth management advisor is there to guide you through the process so you feel comfortable making the right decisions based on your needs.

For example, your advisor can help you:

  • Get a better picture of your financial situation by assessing your needs and giving you personalized recommendations
  • Make informed decisions on the use or investment of your inheritance
  • Ensure that you pay the least possible income tax on the assets you inherited
  • Manage your assets so that you can make the most of your inheritance while letting it grow
  • Administer, if needed, a testamentary trust with guidance provided by Desjardins Private Wealth Management Trust services3
Any questions? Please write us:



So you know what to do when it's your turn to plan your estate. It's never too early to start thinking about the future.


Because your advisor will guide you through the entire process, helping you give your parents all the information they need to do a comprehensive inventory of their assets.


So you have a better handle on the wishes of your parents today to make the right decisions for tomorrow. Settling an estate is no small feat.


So you have the right words to tell your parents about the benefits of meeting with an advisor, ensuring that their financial strategies truly reflect their wishes.


So you understand how taxation works after they pass and avoid nasty surprises regarding your inheritance.


So you can start a dialogue with your parents and respect their wishes, which will keep your family united upon their passing.

Your parents estate planning - 6 reasons to meet an advisor

Settling an estate

A parent or loved one asked you to settle their estate. No doubt you're touched by the trust they've placed in you, but maybe also a little nervous about your responsibilities. It's understandable to feel a little uncertain when you're asked to carry out the role; no matter the size of the estate, it's a big responsibility.

Count on support from your wealth management advisor

Your wealth management advisor is there to walk you through the estate settlement process.

Estate Assistance service

Desjardins offers an Estate Assistance service to help you save time and energy, and to ensure that the estate settlement process runs smoothly.

Any questions? Please write us:
  1. Estate liquidation in Quebec (as per the Civil Code of Québec); estate administration in Ontario.
  2. As per the Civil Code of Québec; Continuing Power of Attorney for Property in Ontario.
  3. Desjardins Private Wealth Management trust services are provided in Quebec only by Desjardins Trust Inc., a federal trust and financial planning firm.

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Estate Assistance service

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