Assistance services

Help for all Desjardins individual members, at no extra cost

  • Available as a preventative measure, in case of emergency or for a specific need
  • Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Tips from experts, coordination services and useful information

Exclusive advantage for members

Identity Theft Assistance

Your personal information is very valuable and where there is value there are criminals willing to take it.

Falling victim to identity theft could have serious long-term consequences on your finances, your reputation and your everyday life. In certain cases it can be a great source of emotional distress.

Whether as a preventative measure or if there is a risk your identity is compromised, get help from our Identity Theft Assistance service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Protect and recover your identity

Identity Theft Assistance gives you information on identity theft and how to prevent it. Our team can also help you recover your identity in the event your personal information is used fraudulently or stolen.

Identity Theft Assistance is available at no extra cost to Desjardins individual members. It gives you access to:

  • identity theft lawyers1
  • reliable information on identity theft and ways to prevent it
  • personalized, step-by-step assistance from our lawyers to recover your identity in the event your personal information is used fraudulently or stolen2

Get assistance

Speak to our lawyers to learn about:

  • situations in which your personal information is at risk of being compromised
  • means used by fraudsters to steal identities
  • signs that your identity may have been stolen
  • most common frauds and scams
  • resources available throughout Canada to prevent identity theft and recover your identity
  • how to protect your documents, personal information and credit report
  • Get personalized help from our identity theft lawyers throughout the recovery process:
    • Help filing a police report
    • The Identity Theft Statement explained and how to use it
    • Information on getting a copy of and protecting your credit file
    • Assistance contesting and correcting incorrect information on your credit report
    • A personalized overview, based on your profile, of all the organizations you need to advise if your identity is compromised
    • Help alerting credit reporting agencies that a fraud has taken place
    • Information about available recourse
    • Help with the forms you’ll need to fill out (e.g.: requesting a copy of your credit report, contesting information on your credit report, letter requesting corrections to your credit report, sending forms, etc.)
    • Telephone assistance while filling out the forms
  • A 1-hour telephone consultation with a psychologist designated by our team, free of charge:
    • To help you manage the stress generated by an identity theft
    • For use within 1 year of opening your file

Exclusive advantage for members

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  1. Identity theft lawyers are available to Desjardins individual members Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except holidays. Assistance agents are available outside these hours to ensure members know and understand the basic procedure before getting a call back from a lawyer.
  2. Note that Identity Theft Assistance is a service and does not cover any financial loss whatsoever.

Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance is available at no extra cost to all Desjardins individual members. Our team can provide advice and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, before and during your travels, outside your province of residence or abroad.

Family members travelling with you—your spouse and children—enjoy the same benefits3.

Get advice and assistance

Before you leave

Our team has useful information to help you plan your trip. Or you can speak to our nurses for any health-related question.

  • Passports, visas and other required documents
  • Phone numbers and country codes to reach us from abroad, to reach consulates, etc.
  • Exchange rates and foreign currencies
  • Travel advisories issued by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
  • Tips to help you prepare for your trip, get your house ready for travel, manage important documents, etc.
  • Weather conditions and time zone for your destination
  • Vaccinations and health precautions required depending on your travel destination and health
  • List of things to bring in a first-aid kit
  • Multilingual health records (available on the mobile application)
  • Addresses of health establishments recommended by Desjardins assistance services

During your travels

Our team of nurses and doctors specialized in emergency medicine, assistance agents and numerous international service providers are available 24 hours a day.

  • In the event of lost or stolen baggage
  • In the event of trip interruption or an emergency round-trip
  • Help getting tickets, cash advances, increase in your credit limit, replacement passport or I.D.
  • To get advice from our team of lawyers or contact information for competent authorities, local legal services, and the Canadian embassy or consulate wherever you happen to be
  • To send a message to your family in case of emergency
  • To get the services of a translator or interpreter
  • To find a doctor or health establishment abroad or to have medical assistance and medications sent to you
  • To coordinate transportation to a local health establishment
    Also available on your mobile device: Use the Desjardins assistance services geolocation feature to get to a recommended health establishment
  • To get yourself or a loved one admitted to a health establishment
  • To have our doctors and nurses specialized in emergency medicine oversee your medical file
  • To get the services of a translator or interpreter
  • To arrange for a family member to travel to the country where you are, in the event of hospitalization
  • To organize:
    • your repatriation to your city of residence as soon as your health permits it
    • the repatriation of a travel companion, spouse, dependent children and pets
    • the repatriation of your vehicle to your place of residence
  • To get assistance in the event of death: formalities with the authorities concerned, repatriation of the deceased
  • To get a prescription

Get the right insurance coverage

The Travel Assistance service does not cover costs incurred before or during your trip.

Important: Be sure to take out travel insurance before you leave, with coverage for the duration of your trip (including trips of 3 days or less). This way, costs incurred in the event of an emergency during your trip will be covered by the insurer, according to the terms of the policy. If you don't take out insurance, you'll be responsible for these costs.

Take out Desjardins Travel Insurance to be able to get a 3-day discount at any time.

If you have travel insurance from a company other than Desjardins, our assistance team will help you reach an advisor from that company from the beginning of your emergency.

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Get tips before you go.

3. Calls prior to departure must be made by the Desjardins member.

Estate Assistance

Managing an estate brings up a lot of legal questions. Estate Assistance is free for members and provides legal information and first-level support for planning, settlement and management matters. Our legal experts are available to you and your liquidator to provide additional assistance to the services you receive at your caisse.

Estate Assistance will entitle you to:

  • legal advice from experts
  • legal information to help you understand the steps, obligations and terminology involved
  • personalized support from legal experts during every step of the estate settlement
  • assistance when you fill out the primary forms

It's an exclusive advantage for Desjardins members.

Get assistance

Legal information on the estate management, particularly regarding:

  • the experts you need to consult
  • the importance of a personal balance sheet (assets and debts)
  • beneficiaries (pensions, death benefits, life insurance, etc.)
  • estates when there is a will
  • types of legal wills
  • estates when there is no will
  • appointment and responsibilities of a liquidator
  • survival of contractual obligations (debts) upon death
  • family patrimony and matrimonial regimes upon death
  • survival of support payments to children and former spouses upon death
  • rights of surviving spouses
  • funeral pre-arrangements and fees
  • bequests
  • end-of-life wishes (living wills)
  • donations during your lifetime
  • guardians of property or people
  • Importance of centralizing information and documents

Get assistance from our legal experts throughout the settlement process to get information about your obligations and the steps involved for:

  • disposal of body and funeral arrangements
  • funeral costs
  • will search
  • declaration of heredity
  • probating a will
  • determination of heirs
  • appointing a liquidator
  • inventory of assets
  • renouncing an estate
  • estate accounts
  • claiming the death benefit, allowances and other amounts due the deceased
  • notice of closure of inventory
  • tax returns, Notice Before Distribution of the Property of a Succession and clearances
  • paying debts
  • legacies by particular title
  • liquidator’s final account
  • distribution of property to the heirs
  • discharge of the liquidator
  • life insurance
  • family patrimony and the matrimonial regime upon death
  • survival of the obligation to provide support to children and former spouses
  • estate litigation

Get telephone assistance to obtain, understand and fill out the main forms required, such as:

  • act of death
  • will search
  • notice of closure of inventory
  • Notice Before Distribution of the Property of a Succession
  • forms to claim the death benefit and surviving spouse’s pension

Learn more
See Planning your estate.
See Settling your estate.

Legal experts are available Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except holidays. Assistance agents are available outside these hours to open files before getting a call back from a legal expert.

Estate Assistance is a service and does not cover any expense or financial loss whatsoever.

Estate Assistance is available when the deceased’s primary residence is in Canada. Applicable estate laws are those of the deceased’s place of primary residence.

Estate Assistance is a phone service. No documents can be exchanged.