Preparing to travel abroad? We can help you plan your trip so you can make the most of it.

Follow our tips when planning your next trip

Travelling takes time and planning. Learn how our products and services can help you.

Planning with us has its benefits

  • Tips for financing your trip
  • Travel insurance solutions
  • Ways to manage your finances anywhere in the world

Good to know

Desjardins members travelling to Florida or France can use Desjardins Bank This link redirects to another Desjardins site. (Florida) or Groupe Crédit Mutuel-CIC External link. (France) ATMs.

Protect yourself with insurance

When you travel outside your home province, even for a day, travel insurance will protect you from the unexpected.

Individual travel insurance

Don't have travel insurance? There's still time to find a plan that suits your needs.

  • Various coverage options (healthcare, accident, cancellation, baggage)
  • 24/7 assistance services

See our travel insurance coverage This link opens the page Travel insurance.

Read our travel insurance article This link opens the article 5 good reasons to have travel insurance.

See our travel insurance FAQ This link opens the travel insurance FAQ.

4 more ways to get insured

Individual travel insurance is one way to protect yourself when travelling. Your credit card or group insurance may also include travel insurance coverage. View your documents to learn more about conditions, exclusions and limitations that may apply.

Credit card

Many of our credit cards offer full coverage travel insurance.

Group insurance

Some group plans include travel insurance with healthcare and cancellation coverage.

Auto insurance

Your auto insurance covers renting a car or driving your own car within Canada and the United States.

Home and civil liability insurance

Your home and civil liability insurance protects your home while you're away. It can also protect you if you become civilly liable during your trip.

Take advantage of your credit card perks

Using credit cards is a convenient way to pay for expenses while travelling. With our Odyssey® credit cards, you can benefit from many travel perks.

Good to know

On eligible transactions, your BONUSDOLLARS can pay all or a portion of your travel-related expenses:1

  • Accommodations (bed and breakfast, hostel, hotel, short-term rental)
  • Transportation (plane, car, train, bus)
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment

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1. BONUSDOLLARS can be redeemed for eligible products and services within 60 days of buying them. BONUSDOLLARS will be deducted from the accrued balance at the time of redemption. They do not earn additional BONUSDOLLARS. Minimum redemption of 20 BONUSDOLLARS.