Planning your trip

Have you thought of everything?

To help you plan for your trip, we've gathered a wealth of useful information and documents.

Desjardins Odyssey® Lounge

Kick back and relax while you wait for your flight. Head to the Desjardins Odyssey Lounge at Montréal-Trudeau Airport, gate 63 in the international zone.

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Tips to make sure you don't forget anything before you leave

Before you do anything else , you should know where you stand financially and draw up your personal balance sheet and travel budget Be realistic.

Draw up your personal balance sheet.

Make a travel budget

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Draw up your budget online

Use My budget to get an accurate picture of your everyday income and expenses.

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Have some emergency numbers on hand, such as that of the Canadian embassy or consulate, a family member or friend, or your financial institution.

Know what to do if your debit card is lost or stolen

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Travel assistance

In case of a medical emergency call the Travel Assistance Service before going to a hospital or clinic to avoid paying any penalties. The service can direct you to recognized doctors, hospitals or clinics and help you with admission and payment.

Contact Travel Assistance

Make copies of your travel documents

To make sure you're prepared for the unexpected, take photos of your passport, travel documents and itinerary and send them to a family member or friend who isn't travelling with you. Keep the photos on your smartphone or tablet so you can leave the originals in the hotel safe to prevent them from being lost or stolen.

If you plan to withdraw cash during your trip, check to see where ATMsare located.

Depending on your destination and type of card you're using (debit or credit), you can use your financial institution's ATMs or those affiliated with the Interac®, Visa*, Mastercard® or PLUS* networks. Note that your financial institution and the ATM operator may charge fees for withdrawals.

Travelling in Florida or France

Desjardins members travelling in Florida or France can use the following ATMs without being charged network fees:

  • Desjardins Bank (Florida)
  • Groupe Crédit Mutuel-CIC (France) (easily recognizable by the Euro Automatic Cash logo)

Find out what you're allowed to bring back with you.

For more information, check out the Government of Canada's Personal exemptions mini guide.

You can also find out about foreign taxes that you could be reimbursed for (e.g., VAT refund from the EU).

Travel essentials

Credit cards for travel

Don't forget anything in your luggage! Many of our credit cards offer perks for your trip.

Your bonudollars can take you far

Use your bonudollars® to pay for all or part of your trip, with no restrictions on destinations, times, means of transportation or types of lodging.

Redeem your bonudollars


Do you have the insurance coverage you need to leave with peace of mind?

Travel insurance

Covers you if something happens while you're away. Many of our credit cards include 3-day discount on all-inclusive Desjardins Travel Insurance.

See travel insurance coverage

Home and civil liability insurance

Protect your home from incidents while you're away and protect yourself with civil liability insurance if something happens.

See home and civil liability insurance coverage

Auto insurance

You're covered if you rent a car abroad.

See auto insurance coverage

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