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Travel FAQ

Questions about using your credit card abroad? Learn more about foreign currency transactions and using your credit card outside Canada.

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Foreign currency transactions

Do I have to pay a fee if I use my credit card to make a purchase in a foreign currency?

Yes. When you make purchases outside Canada or on a website in a foreign currency:

  1. You're charged in the foreign currency.
  2. The amount is then converted into Canadian dollars at that day's exchange rate. This rate is determined by us or our provider.
  3. A 2.5% conversion fee is added to your credit card account on the day the currency is converted.
Cash advances

If you get a cash advance in a foreign currency, you'll be charged a 2.5% conversion fee. You'll also be charged interest as of the transaction date.

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When you make purchases in the United States or on an American website with your U.S. Visa* card, you're charged in US dollars. So you don't have to pay currency conversion fees.

If you use the card while abroad or for purchases in Canadian dollars, you'll be charged in foreign currency or Canadian dollars first. Then the amount will be converted to US dollars. A currency conversion fee of 2.5% will be added to your U.S. Visa account on the day the currency is converted.

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I made a foreign currency transaction and then got a refund, but it wasn't the same amount I paid. Is this normal?

Yes; 2 factors might explain why the amount refunded is different from the amount paid.

Change in the exchange rate

The exchange rate varies throughout the day, which means there could be a difference between the amount of your refund and your purchase.

Different selling and buying rates

There are 2 types of exchange rates: the selling rate (used for purchases) and the buying rate (used for refunds). When you buy an item and then return it, the exchange rates aren't always the same. This can result in a difference between the purchase and refund amounts.

Sometimes when I try to pay for gas at the pump in the US, I'm asked to enter a zip code. What do I do?

To pay for gas at the pump in the States, you may be asked to enter a zip code, which is the US equivalent for a postal code.

If this happens to you, enter the 3 digits in your postal code followed by "00". For example, if your postal code is H2Z 2W3, you would enter "22300 0 2-2-3-0-0".

If you have a US address, your 5-digit zip code will work.

Using your credit card abroad

I'm going abroad and plan to use my credit card. Do I have to inform Desjardins before I leave the country?

No. You don't have to let us know before you go on a trip. Our fraud prevention systems are designed to detect suspicious transactions 24/7, no matter where you are in the world.

When making a purchase abroad, I was asked to enter a 4-digit PIN, but mine is 5 digits. What do I do?

All Desjardins credit cards have a 5-digit PIN. If you're asked to enter a 4-digit PIN during a transaction, enter your 5-digit PIN anyway.

To make a withdrawal using your credit card, go to an ATM affiliated with the Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus, Interac® or Plus networks. ATMs affiliated with these networks accept 5-digit PINs, like the one used for your card. You may be charged a fee for withdrawals made at these ATMs.

Could my credit card be declined while I'm travelling?

Yes. Your card could be declined if:

  • It's maxed out
  • You make a late payment
  • There's a suspicious transaction

If our fraud prevention systems detect a suspicious transaction, we'll contact you to verify it. Transactions aren't always refused because they're made in a particular location.

Call us if your card has been declined while abroad and you want more information.

Canada and the US (except Hawaii):

1-800-224−7737 Phone number of customer service for Canada and the US. This link opens your phone app. (1-800-CAISSES)

Other countries (collect call):

514-397−4610 Phone number of customer service outside Canada and the US. This link opens your phone app.

Can I contact you while I'm travelling?

Yes. If you have trouble with your card while abroad or have other questions, contact us online or by phone.

On AccèsD
  1. Log in to AccèsD.
  2. In the right-hand menu (or at the bottom of the screen when you log in with the app), select Messages.
  3. Select Write message.
  4. Under To, select Credit cards and prepaid cards.
  5. Under Subject, select Other.
  6. Write your message.
  7. Under Reply by, select AccèsD message box and then send your message.
By phone

Canada and the US (except Hawaii):

1-800-224-7737 Phone number of the card services customer service for Canada and the US. This link opens your phone app. (1-800-CAISSES)

Other countries (collect call):

514-397-4610 Phone number of the card services customer service outside Canada and the US. This link will launch your default phone software.

What should I do before my trip to prevent my credit card from being locked while I'm travelling?

We can't guarantee that we won't lock your card while you're travelling if we suspect fraud. You can lower the chance of this happening by using your PIN for all your transactions abroad.

Make sure that your information is up to date in the Security section in AccèsD so that we can reach you if your card is locked.

If your card has been locked and we can't reach you, you can call us collect at 514-397-4610.

Sign up for voice authentication before your trip by calling us at 1-800-224-7737 (1-800-CAISSES).

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Interac® is a registered trademark of Interac Corp., used under licence. * Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under licence.