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Prepaid card

Exclusive Member Advantages

  • Reloadable - no minimum amount required
  • To make purchases anywhere Visa* is accepted and withdrawals at ATMs12
  • No transaction charges234
  • No credit check required5
  • Zero Liability in the event of fraud
  • Choose your design

Starting January 25, 2017, the Desjardins prepaid cards will boast 2 new looks. See for yourself!


Accessible, practical and secure

The Visa Desjardins prepaid card5 is a practical way to manage your money and have access to it whenever and wherever you want. It gives you all the flexibility and security of a payment card. The only difference is that you transfer your own funds to it before you use it.

Other advantages

  • No minimum balance required.
  • Maximum amount that can be transferred to your prepaid card: $5,000.
  • No minimum reload amount required.
  • Option of adding additional cards and accounts.

Exclusive Advantage For Members

Exclusive offer for 16- to 25-year-olds

Members ages 16 to 25 inclusive get special access to the Desjardins Prepaid Visa card.

See the eligibility requirements (PDF, 102 KB) - This link will open in a new window..

See all member advantages for individuals - Financial products and services.

Learn more about:

How to use your card

Your Visa Desjardins prepaid card must be loaded before it can be used.

First deposit funds to your prepaid card account by one of the following methods.

Desjardins member cardholders
Access method Available functions Funds availability
  • AccèsD Internet
  • AccèsD mobile
  • Guichet automatique Desjardins
  • At a caisse counter
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Bill payments


AccèsD téléphone
514-CAISSES (224-7737)
1-800-CAISSES (1-800-224-7737)

Bill payments

Desjardins member and non-member cardholders
  • Online services
  • ATMs

Bill payments5

4 to 5 business days after reloading

At any Visa-affiliated financial institution

5. To use Bill payments, the prepaid card account must first be added to your bill file.

Use your card to make purchases and withdrawals.


  • At all points of sale where Visa is accepted. Ask merchants to select the Visa payment method.
  • Online.
  • Over the phone.


  • At more than a million ATMs displaying the Visa, PLUS or Interac® symbols worldwide.
  • At the 59,000 ATMs in the InteracTM network in Canada. Look for the following logos: Visa Interac Plus

Reload your card account at any time using the access method of your choice.

Check your balance at any time

  • On AccèsD Internet (only primary cardholders can check the balance)
  • On AccèsD mobile (only primary cardholders can check the balance and they must be a Desjardins member)
  • By phone at 514-397-4415 or 1-800-363-3380

You'll get monthly statements displaying all your Visa Desjardins prepaid card transactions on AccèsD.

Did you know?

You can sign up for email alerts to help you manage your accounts.

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Additional cards and accounts

As a Visa Desjardins prepaid cardholder, you can:

  • have more than one prepaid card account (annual fees of $6.95/account)
  • link one or more additional cards to each account (annual fees of $4.95/additional card)

Note: Primary cardholders between the ages of 16 and 18 cannot link additional cards to their account.

Which solution best fits your situation? Feel free to talk to an advisor online.

Examples of how they can be used

Single account with one or more additional cards

You're leaving on a trip with your spouse. You've set a budget for personal purchases and want to stay on track as you travel:

  1. You open a prepaid card account. A card is automatically issued for the primary cardholder.
  2. You make a funds transfer to the card in the amount you've budgeted for the 2 of you.
  3. You link an additional card to the account for your spouse.

Each can use his or her part of the budget independently of the other.

More than one account with one or more additional cards

Your 2 teenagers will be travelling with you? To make sure each only uses the portion of the personal purchases budget allotted to him:

  1. You open 2 separate prepaid card accounts, one for each teenager. A primary cardholder card will automatically be issued for each account, of which you'll stay in charge.
  2. You transfer to each account the amount you've budgeted for each teenager.
  3. You link an additional card to each account for each teenager to use on his or her own.

This solution can also be used to give your teenager:

  • Their weekly or monthly allowance.
  • The amount they are allowed to spend at the amusement park.
  • Their portion of the family budget for back to school purchases.

Did you know

You can use pre-authorized transfers to instantly transfer each teenager's allowance to their individual prepaid card

Using a card to pay an allowance

  • For teenagers under the age of 16: Parents can request an additional card linked to their prepaid card account.
  • For teenagers ages 16 and up: They can get a primary card in their name as long as their parents sign a consent form at a caisse
    the parents can request an additional card linked to their prepaid card account and give it to the teenager.

Manage your account

  • Get your balance at any time online on AccèsD, by phone or on your mobile device.
  • Manage your account on AccèsD, Desjardins's online banking service.

Depending on your needs, you can:

*Visa Int./Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec, licensed user.

®Registered trademark of Interac Inc. Used under licence.

  1. Currency conversion charges on amounts charged to account in foreign currencies and converted into Canadian dollars apply.
  2. Fees may apply depending on ATM used.
  3. Currency conversion charges on amounts charged to account in foreign currencies and converted into Canadian dollars apply.
  4. Fees to replenish the account from which the card is reloaded may be charged by the financial institution approached by the cardholder or at which the account is held.
  5. The prepaid card is available to Quebec residents ages 16 and over.

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