Build your own travel insurance

Build your own travel insurance

Get coverage that meets your needs and travel with peace of mind.

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Why travel insurance is worth it

When you're on vacation outside your home province, even for a day, travel insurance will protect you from the unexpected. If you have to cancel your trip, need emergency medical care or lose your baggage—you'll be covered.

Have questions or concerns about your next trip? Consult our FAQ.

Tips to get the right coverage

Identify your needs

Know what your provincial health plan covers

Your health insurance card only covers you in your home province. In the event of an incident, you may have to pay for your healthcare—even if you're travelling in Canada.

Check what other coverage you already have

Find out if your credit card or group insurance includes travel insurance. You can always top it up with our Baggage and Trip Cancellation coverages, if needed.

Get adequate health coverage

Be sure to have emergency healthcare

If you unexpectedly fall ill or have an accident, our Emergency Healthcare coverage reimburses up to $5 million for emergency care received. We also cover expenses related to COVID-19.

Know how pre-existing conditions affect insurance

Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions you had before you took out insurance. They are also known as unstable injuries or medical conditions. See our article to find out what our insurance covers.

Learn more about pre-existing conditions - External link. This link will open in a new window.

Check that planned activities are covered

Planning an adrenaline-fuelled trip? Before you go, see what our Emergency Healthcare or Cancellation options cover.

Covered or not? - Activities covered while travelling External link. This link will open in a new window.

Make sure you can cancel or interrupt your trip

It's a good idea to take out travel insurance early so you can make a claim if you have to cancel.

If you have to return home early, our Trip Cancellation and Emergency Return Trip may cover your transportation expenses.

Trip cancellation insurance: 6 ways to expect the unexpected

Call us for advice or in case of emergency

Before you go

Call our assistance service for practical information or recommendations. Our qualified nurses will be on hand if you have questions about vaccinations, health precautions or other health-related topics. Our team can also help you with questions about passports, visas, and other matters.

During your trip

We're there for you 24/7 should you need medical or emergency assistance while you're travelling. Our team of healthcare specialists will be able to review your medical file and work with local doctors. We can also help with non-medical emergencies, such as lost or stolen baggage or legal issues.

A tailor-made solution

Customized coverage

Choose options that fit your needs

Member advantage

3 days of free travel insurance

Assistance service

We're there for you 24/7

Exclusive savings

  • 50% off Emergency Return Trip coverage
  • Free roadside assistance in Canada and the US

Multi-trip annual insurance

Our Multi-Trip Annual Insurance is a must-have if you travel often. With a single contract for the whole year, you'll save time and money.

Are you between 61 and 80?

Experience the Quattra Advantage and take a 4-year vacation from health questionnaires! Any changes to your health during this period will have no effect on your premium or eligibility. This option, available with Multi-Trip Annual Insurance, is exclusive to Desjardins.

Get a quote

To get a travel insurance quote, contact one of our representatives or submit a request online.


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How it works

Choose the coverages that fit your needs from Emergency Healthcare, Emergency Return Trip, Accident, Baggage and Trip Cancellation. With the Multi-Coverage Discount, you save money when you combine coverages.



To be eligible for travel insurance, you must:

  • Be a Canadian resident
  • Be at least 15 days old
  • Start and end your trip in your home province (in Canada)
  • Be covered by your provincial health and hospital insurance plans for the duration of your trip
  • Buy an insurance policy that covers the full duration of your trip before you leave


We calculate your premium based on:

  • Your age on departure date
  • Duration of your trip
  • Types of coverage
  • Amount of coverage
  • Your health and age group


Available for trips between 1 and 365 days.

Family premium

Only the 2 oldest family members pay premiums.

Kids travelling with their parents or grandparents get Emergency Healthcare, Baggage and Accident coverage free of charge.

Stable for 3 Months option

If you have an injury or medical condition, reduce the time your health must remain stable from 6 to 3 months to stay covered while you travel.

Multi-Coverage Discount

Combine insurance coverage options and save money!

Coverage options

Emergency Health Care

  • Recommended
  • Reimburses up to $5,000,000 per person for emergency care received as a result of an unexpected illness or accident
  • Covers transportation or repatriation expenses incurred for medical reasons or in the event of death

Emergency Return Trip

  • Available as an add-on to Emergency Healthcare coverage
  • Recommended for trips over 30 days
  • Covers flight costs from your destination to your home province and back again under some circumstances


  • Pays a benefit for accidental death or loss of use of a limb or body function that occurs on a flight or during your trip

Trip Cancellation

  • Reimburses expenses incurred as a result of a trip that's cancelled for a reason recognized in your insurance policy
  • Covers the unused portion of your trip and some related expenses if you need to come home sooner


  • Reimburses expenses incurred as a result of stolen, damaged, or delayed baggage
  • Reimburses expenses incurred to replace passports, visas, driver's licences or birth certificates

Credit cards with travel benefits

Some of our credit cards include travel insurance coverage.

Find the one that's right for you

Put your knowledge to the test!

Travel insurance is one of those topics that seems to be filled with common misconceptions. Before you take off, see how informed you are.

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How to submit a claim

To submit a claim under a Visitors to Canada Insurance policy, contact us:

Canada or the US:
1-855-440-9884 (toll-free)

Other countries:
418-647-5476 (fees apply)

You'll need to fill out a claim form and send it to us within 90 days of the date of the accident or onset of illness. Any supporting documents must be sent to us within 90 days of when you submitted your claim.

Other useful information

Emergency Healthcare coverage and Trip Cancellation coverage do not cover unstable injuries and medical conditions or any related injuries and medical conditions if, during the reference period:

  • You developed new symptoms or existing symptoms became more frequent or intense
  • You consulted a physician (other than for a routine check-up)
  • A physician recommended a test, you underwent a test or you were waiting for test results
  • You had surgery, you were hospitalized or a physician recommended that you have surgery
  • You started a new treatment, including a new drug, or a new treatment was prescribed
  • Your treatment or medication was changed or a change was prescribed

For Emergency Healthcare coverage, the reference period is:

  • The 3 months before your departure date, if you're 54 or under on that date or
  • The 6 months before your departure date, if you're 55 or older on that date

For Trip Cancellation coverage, the reference period is the 3 months before you bought the coverage. This limitation doesn't apply if the injury or medical condition remained stable during the reference period.

For a full list of conditions, see the insurance policy available at your caisse. You can also refer to the following documents:

Legal notice

The information on this site summarizes the terms and conditions of the insurance product and has no contractual value. It's intended to be clear and simple, so you can easily understand the product.

Only the insurance documents will be used to settle legal disputes. They contain all the conditions of this coverage. Some exclusions and limitations apply.

The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. The terms and conditions of the coverages described are set out in the insurance policy, which always prevails. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply.

Offers and discounts are based on your profile and subject to eligibility conditions. Offers and discounts are subject to change without notice.

  1. A single discount of 3 days will be granted to Desjardins members for the same trip. The offer cannot be combined with the travel insurance for trips lasting 3 days or less included with certain Desjardins credit cards. Members who are leaving their province of residence need to purchase Desjardins travel insurance before their departure. Your insurance must cover the entire duration of your trip, even those of 3 days or less, or you won't be covered at all.
  2. Offer ends on January 31, 2023.
  3. Offer ends on October 31, 2022.
  4. Discount does not apply to motorcycles, trailers, motorhomes and other recreational vehicles. Offer ends on January 31, 2023.