Card technology


Contactless payment transactions

A chip uses contactless payment technology so you can quickly pay by waving your card in front of a secure reader.

This technology is ideal for purchases under $250 (under US$25 for US Business card)1. In stores offering this kind of payment, you'll have the choice to simply wave your card in front of a secure reader if you want to make your purchase more quickly.

How it works

Look for the symbol
Hold your card near the reader


Wait for confirmation

Secure, simple, fast

  • Keep your card during the whole transaction; you remain in control of its use.
  • No fumbling through your wallet for cash for small transactions.
  • No PIN or signature required.
  • Payment is made by waving your card near the reader.
  • You cannot be billed twice for a purchase.

Look for the symbol on your card to see if you can use contactless payment.

Where you can use it

More and more restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops and convenience stores accept this new technology.

Learn more
See frequently asked questions about the contactless payment technology.

Mobile payment transactions

Tap and pay with your smartphone. It's easy, free and secure.

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1. Amount may be higher or lower, depending on store.

Magnetic stripe cards are still safe and will continue to be accepted until all financial institutions and merchants have equipment that accepts chip card technology.

New terminals accept both chip cards and magnetic stripe cards.

All cards work with all equipment, whether they are:

  • chip cards
  • magnetic stripe cards

Automatically settle the balance on your Visa Desjardins account, in part or in whole, at no charge.

  • Payment of total monthly balance
  • Payment of a fixed amount (the minimum payment due or more)
  • Payment of the minimum amount due

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Zero Liability

You are not held liable if fraudulent transactions are made to your card account.

How to detect fraud

Check the purchases posted to your Visa account for any unauthorized transaction3. An easy way to do this is to check your statement and balance on AccèsD, available at all times online and over the phone.

How do I report fraud

Call us at 1-800-363-3380

* Visa Int./Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec, authorized user.

3. See your variable credit contract for the definition of an unauthorized transaction.