Log in to AccèsD Affaires more easily

Save your username so you can log in to AccèsD Affaires more easily. You can add up to 6 usernames.

How to do it

  1. Go to the login page and enter your username.
  2. Select the Remember me checkbox.
  3. Add a nickname if needed (for example, My code, Paul's card, Admin card). If you save more than one username, adding a nickname will make it easier to spot yours when you log in.

Save multiple usernames

You can save up to 6 usernames. This means that if many users share the same computer, they can log in to AccèsD Affaires more quickly.

Add a username

To add a username:

  1. Click Use another username. The login page will open.
  2. Fill in the Username field.
  3. Select the Remember me checkbox.
  4. Add a Nickname, if needed.

Use another username

If you've saved one or more usernames, they will appear on the login page.

Delete a username

To delete a username:

  1. Click Manage usernames.
  2. Then click the Delete button under the username you want to remove.
  3. Clear your computer's cache.

To use AccèsD Affaires
You must have a Desjardins business account.

Register for AccèsD Affaires

If you have trouble getting a new password, call 1-888-233-2473 (1-888-AFFAIRE).