Personalized bill payments

With this feature, you no longer have to use cheques to pay your Canadian service providers (businesses or individuals). Make secure online bill payments with the personalized bill payments feature.


  • Lower cheque writing costs. It's a practical and inexpensive payment method.
  • Improved control of cash outflows.
  • Option to send payment details by email to the recipient.

How it works

Step 1:

In the menu on the right, click Payments, then Bill payments.

Step 2:

Enter the reference number, amount, frequency and payment date. You can also add a comment to the email that will be sent to the recipient.

Step 3:

Select an account for the withdrawal. Click Validate to complete the transaction.

Did you know?

You can check whether the organization you want to pay is on the list of 5,000 billing organizations. If it's on the list, you can pay your bills with the Bill payments feature.