Cheque imaging

View the back and front of cheques as soon as they are cleared. You can also request a PDF cheque image file for a specific period and save your image files.


  • Easier, faster and more efficient cheque reconciliation.
  • Less costly that paper cheque returns.
  • Makes it easier and safer to save and file your cheques.

How it works

Step 1:

Click Search transactions and Cheque images.

Step 2:

Select a folio, period and sort order. Click Validate to send your request.

Step 3:

To view your cheque images, click Messages.

Step 4:

Read the message from the cheque imaging service as well as the attached PDF. You can also download it.

Did you know?

You can view your cheques one at a time using the Search transactions feature. Just search for a cheque for a specific period and click the corresponding link to view the front and back of the cheque.