A customized fee schedule

  • Customized fee schedule for every size company.
  • Competitive fee schedule
  • Takes into account the reality of your business

Fees for deposits, direct withdrawals, bill payments, transfers, US dollar money orders, foreign money transfers and safety deposit boxes.

Worthwhile if you make large numbers of transactions.

If you make a large number of transactions, currently have savings or have taken out financing at your caisse, you may be eligible for customized fees (fixed monthly fees).

Some tips on reducing your fees:

  • Choose one of our transaction plans
  • Use Desjardins ATMs
  • Automate your client bill payments
  • Sign up for the direct deposit service
  • Register for AccèsD Affaires
  • Use Garda services
  • Use Desjardins Payroll services
  • Pay your bills with a Desjardins credit card

Learn more - How to reduce your fees

Also see our Transaction code definitions.