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Fees for additional services

Get transaction fees for money orders, drafts, stop payments and safety deposit boxes.

Transactions Fee
Desjardins Business Access Card (replacement or additional card)
Standard or expedited shipping No fee
Stop payment
On AccèsD Affaires $12
At the counter $13
Partial information or series of cheques $20
Certified cheque
Member $10
Beneficiary $15
Cheque, preauthorized payment or automatic withdrawal related to a loan without sufficient funds $45
Messenger service $70 (+ taxes)/10 bags
Safety deposit box From $40/year (+ taxes)
Cash box $55/year
Order of personalized cheques Supplier's fee
Balance, charges, interest, transaction or other data confirmation
By telephone or at counter $5
Written (standard form or personalized letter) $35/hour $17.50 min
Research 35 $/hour
Modification to an automatic transfer $5
Night deposit
Basic fee $25/account/year
Disposable envelopes $31 (+ taxes)/100 env.
Rental of reusable bag with key $45 (+ taxes)/bag/year
Account statement and passbook
Cheques not returned
Passbook $2.50/month
Paper statement $3
Online statement No fee
With cheques returned by photo (printed)
Paper statement $5.50
Online statement $5.50
With cheques returned by photo (online)
Paper statement $5.50
Online statement $5.501
Cashed cheque return
Fees $5
Telephone call $5
Closing an account
Less than 90 days after opening $20
More than 90 days after opening no fee
Requested by another institution $20
Inactive folio
After 1 year $15
After 2 years $30
After 3 years $50
Creation of an automatic transfer $5
Modification to automatic transfer $5
One-time transfer requested by a member $5.50

No fee if the account is paired with a transaction plan or Community plan.