Discover the Together For Our Youth program

Scolarships for 1300 students thanks to your generosity

This fall, thousands of young people are back in school. And for nearly 1,300 of them, the start of the new school year is particularly bright thanks to a scholarship from the Desjardins Foundation.

These 1,300 young people from all over Quebec and Ontario are in vocational training, college or university. They have shown courage, determination, kindness and commitment. And they deserve our full support.

Young recipients like Marc-Antoine, a photography enthusiast who continues his college career despite a concussion forcing him to slow down. And Camille, who had to leave her native Ξles-de-la-Madeleine, her family and her entire support network to study in Montreal. And Catalina, a young immigrant who, in addition to studying nursing full-time, has to work more than 30 hours a week to make ends meet, and despite everything finds the time to volunteer in a long-term care facility during her rare holidays.

Every year, thousands of students with extraordinary backgrounds receive a financial boost thanks to the strength of Desjardins Group. By encouraging them to pursue their studies, we help young people achieve their dreams and ambitions with the Desjardins Together For Our Youth program.