A shortage of skilled trades workers across Canada

The Desjardins Foundation has teamed up with the EdCan network to produce fact sheets for parents and teachers in an effort to promote best educational practices. For example, the last fact sheet offered key tips on how to promote skilled trades among youth.

Fewer and fewer young people are interested in learning the skills needed to replace an aging generation of skilled trades workers who are on the verge of retirement. Everyone can do their part to help reverse this trend.

Skilled trades workers have a stable job and are well paid, but the work they do is often perceived as being “low status”. There’s generally less support for pursuing careers in the skilled trades than going to university which is seen as a way to achieve prestige.

As parents, you can make a positive impact by not perpetuating stereotypes about what you consider to be “high status” or “low status” jobs, and what jobs are gender appropriate.

Teachers and school staff should give students in different grades the opportunity to explore a variety of classes and career options, and build partnerships benefiting both schools and employers.

Every year, Desjardins offers hundreds of scholarships to support students who opt for vocational training.

Together, we can help our students find their dream job.

Read the fact sheet promoting skilled trades (PDF, 334 KB) - This link will open in a new window..