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Car loan at a dealership

Available on the spot when you buy your vehicle, with approval in usually just a few minutes.


Keep reading to learn more about car loans from a dealership. 1

Eligible vehicles

  • Cars

  • Vans

  • SUVs

Interested in an electric or hybrid vehicle? Talk to your dealer to learn about financing options and conditions.

Commercial use vehicles cannot be financed by individuals.

Amount available

  • $7,500 minimum
  • Option of financing up to 100% of the cost of your purchase

Interest rates

A fixed rate:

  • Guaranteed for the duration of the term

  • Predictable

  • Easy to manage 

Good to know

The interest rate is lower than the rate on unguaranteed personal loans since a Desjardins Auto Loan is guaranteed by your vehicle.


The term depends on the loan amount and type of vehicle.

Payment frequency

You can pay:

  • Every month

  • Every 2 weeks

  • Every week

Payments are withdrawn automatically from your account.


You can prepay in part or in full, at any time, without penalty. Log in to AccèsD, then select your Auto Loan account. Select Prepayment to make a prepayment.

Member dividends

This product is eligible for Desjardins member dividends.

New to Canada?

If you're new to Canada and have a work permit 2 , you could qualify for a loan to buy a vehicle 3 even if you don't yet have any credit history in the country 4 .

Talk to your dealer for more information.


We can help you shop smart and get the right financing for your next vehicle.

Find a dealer for your Auto Loan

Some conditions, exclusions and limitations apply. Rates may vary depending on type of vehicle, loan amount and term, and your credit score. Rates and promotions may change at any time without notice. Subject to credit approval by the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec. International students, temporary foreign workers with resident permits valid for less than 12 months and seasonal workers are not eligible. Some conditions apply. Subject to credit approval by Desjardins. Loan eligibility and terms depend on the type of resident permit, the vehicle, the term and amount of the loan and the credit risk. Available in Quebec only. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. Offer subject to change at any time without prior notice.