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Caisse Desjardins du Plateau Montcalm has a long tradition of involvement with local youth. This is why it is so enthusiastic about the massive concerted effort being made by all Desjardins components toward youth outreach.

Over the past few years, the caisse has created various innovative projects to help teach younger members about finances and support their personal or professional projects.

Whether their project is studies, travel, buying a car or starting a business, the caisse does everything it can to support our youth clientele and help them reach their goals.

Youth team

A team dedicated to youth clientele is available to you at your caisse. Specially trained advisors can recommend attractive strategies tailored to your reality to help you achieve your projects.

  • Drawing up a budget
  • Designing a customized financial plan
  • Providing tips and strategies for your projects (studies, travel, buying a car or home, etc.)
  • Managing debt
  • Reducing fees and charges
  • Financing, savings and investments.

Make an appointment with our youth advisor today by email, text message, phone or using our online appointment form - External link. This link will open in a new window..

School caisse

To help introduce children to sound savings habits at an early age, Caisse Desjardins du Plateau Montcalm actively supports the educational school caisse services at the following schools: Collège Stanislas, Institut Saint-Joseph and École internationale de Saint-Sacrement.

Youth scholarships

To support members in their studies, the caisse has launched a scholarship program jointly with Caisse Desjardins de Sainte-Foy and Caisse Desjardins de Sillery-Saint-Louis-de-France.

Apply for a chance to win 1 of 39 scholarships totalling $65,000:

  • 13 scholarships of $1,000 for students in vocational training or at CEGEP
  • 26 scholarships of $2,000 for university students

Application period: March 1 to March 31, 2021

Apply - External link. This link will open in a new window.

Read the contest rules (in French only, PDF, 146 KB) - This link will open in a new window.

Caisse Desjardins du Plateau Montcalm also contributes to Desjardins Foundation, which awards over $700,000 in scholarships each year.

Desjardins youth offer

Are you between 12 and 17? See High school students.

Are you a vocational, college or university student? See Post-secondary students.

Are you a new member of the workforce? See Young workers.

Personal Finance: I'm in Charge - An educational program for young adults

Are you between 16 and 25? Want to take charge of your finances and make sound decisions as a consumer, student or worker?

Personal Finance: I'm in ChargeTM is just what you're looking for. You'll learn more about things that matter to you, such as:

  • consumer choices
  • cellphones
  • education and work
  • budgets
  • financial services

Thanks to the collaboration of your caisse, free 2-hour group workshops are offered by community partners or educational institutions of the region.

We take a dynamic approach that gets you involved. You'll interact through a variety of hands-on activities and exercises.

Learn more about Personal Finance: I'm in Charge.

School caisse

To fulfill its cooperative, economic and financial education mission, your caisse is involved in helping youth become financially independent. Starting in elementary school, they can begin to learn sound savings habits through their school caisse.

Art oratoire contest

The goal of the Art oratoire contest is to promote the educational development of local elementary school children by helping them acquire strategic skills such as public speaking, the power of persuasion and building solid arguments.

The final event of the 2019 Art oratoire contest was held on May 8, 2019, in the Grand Ballroom of Château Frontenac. A total of 27 young people from 11 elementary schools in the Quebec City area gave presentations on one of these themes: "If I had $10,000 to donate to an organization, which one would I choose and why?", "If I could build a robot, what would it accomplish?" or "If I had everything I dreamed of, what would I do to save the planet?".

The jury included of Karine Gagnon, journalist and columnist for Le Journal de Québec and author, Anne Marcotte, entrepreneur, host and television producer, columnist and speaker, Mylène Feuiltault, communications coordinator at the Théâtre du Trident and Guillaume Dumas, host of C'est encore mieux l'après-midi on ICI Radio-Canada Première in Quebec City. The competition is a great initiative to show that young people are talented communicators.

Agrandissement de l'image _____The 4 finalists of the Desjardins du Plateau Montcalm Art oratoire contest, accompanied by the members of the jury and Cindy Fex, Communications and Association Life Advisor at Caisse du Plateau Montcalm.
The 4 finalists of the Desjardins du Plateau Montcalm Art oratoire contest, accompanied by the members of the jury and Cindy Fex, Communications and Association Life Advisor at Caisse du Plateau Montcalm.

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