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About the caisse

A financial cooperative with deep roots in the community, Caisse Desjardins du personnel municipal Québec has more than 6,200 members. Each caisse member is also a co-owner of the caisse.

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In addition to its main mission, which is to ensure the individual and collective wealth of its members, your caisse is a financial cooperative that's avant-gardist, innovative and creative. It is recognized for its exceptional personalized service and lauded for its role as a unifying and mobilizing tool in the community. Its social and community involvement and its unique financial aid program for people in financial difficulty make it an institution in a class of its own.

Your caisse is unquestionably a force at work!


Your caisse knows the employees of the Ville de Québec and that's what makes it different from other financial institutions. In fact, when you come to the caisse, you are recognized and understood. We are also familiar with your professional life. We are up to date on your working conditions, pension, insurance conditions, back pay, service buybacks, etc. That makes our advisors the most informed and most competent financial strategists for you!

Over 60 years ago, the employees of the Ville de Québec decided to equip themselves by founding a group caisse in their workplace. Today, being a member of the caisse du personnel municipal de la Ville de Québec still means joining a collective force, empowering yourself and hoping to improve your well-being and that of your colleagues.

In summary:
We know you.
Your caisse belongs to you.
That's what makes us different.

Our solid financial cooperative operates in the workplace and makes decisions that focus increasing the individual and group wealth of our members. Our proactive service offer is realistic, recognizes our members' professional reality and is adapted to their changing lifelong needs. The caisse promotes community solidarity and is an innovator in terms of financial support. Its distinctive nature makes it an exceptional financial institution.


Ensure the full development potential of both the caisse and its members, empowering them to remain at the helm of their destiny and enabling them to benefit from a high-end approach that is adapted to their reality.


Choices are based on member input.
A sense of commitment is inherent in all interventions.
Practices are guided by integrity.
Relationships are built on proximity.

Caisse du personnel municipal Québec helps you reach your goals.