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About the caisse

A financial cooperative with deep roots in the community, Caisse Desjardins de la Région de Saint-Hyacinthe has 67,485 members. Each caisse member is also a co-owner of the caisse.

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The mission of Caisse Desjardins de la Région de Saint-Hyacinthe is:

  • to provide all its members with quality financial services and ensure they receive concrete financial benefits and considerate service
  • to contribute to their cooperative, economic and financial education
  • to promote cooperation and community development

On December 9, 1925, the first caisse populaire was founded in the Maskoutain area: Caisse populaire de Saint-Liboire. It was followed 2 years later by the founding of Caisse populaire de Saint-Hyacinthe.

It took another decade for the creation of other caisses in the region. However, between 1937 and 1957, 13 new caisses were founded in the surrounding areas: in Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, Saint-Damase, Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin, La Présentation, Sainte-Rosalie, Saint-Bernard-de-Michaudville, Saint-Barnabé-Sud, Saint-Pie-de-Bagot, La Providence, Saint-Dominique-de-Bagot, Saint-Joseph de Saint-Hyacinthe, Bourg-Joli and on rue Dessaulles.

Caisse populaire de Saint-Hyacinthe grew rapidly in the following years, and a first phase of its head office was inaugurated in 1955, on the corner of rue Girouard Ouest and avenue Sainte-Anne.

In the 1960s, the last 4 caisses in the Saint-Hyacinthe area were founded: Caisse populaire de Douville in 1960, Caisse populaire de Saint-Jude and Caisse populaire de Sainte-Madeleine in 1961, and Caisse populaire de Morin in 1967.