Fraud prevention service via text message or email

It's a simple, fast and secure way to confirm transactions made on your credit card account.

An email or text message could be sent to you to confirm certain transactions made on your credit card. You must already have provided your email address or mobile number.

How it works

If you've already provided your mobile number, a text message is sent to you to let you know we've sent you an email. Otherwise, you simply receive an email to confirm certain transactions.

The email will be addressed to you and you'll be asked to confirm the transactions by clicking Yes or No, which will open a link on a new page on a service provider's website. You will never be redirected to the AccèsD Log on page to authenticate yourself or asked to forward personal information.

If you don't recognize the transactions or have any questions, you can call us at the number on the back of your credit card.

We'll confirm your identity by text message when there is a suspicious login to your account.

How it works

You'll receive a text message when Desjardins detects a suspicious login to your AccèsD account. If you are the person who logged in, reply 1 for Yes and if it isn't you, reply 2 for No.

If you reply 1 (Yes), you'll receive a message thanking you for confirming the login. You'll be able to continue your banking in complete security.

If you reply 2 (No), you'll receive a message asking you to call 1-866-335-0338 to speak to an advisor. Your AccèsD session will be temporarily deactivated until an advisor can contact you to confirm your identity.

You will not be redirected to the AccèsD login page to confirm your identification or to send us information. If you don't recognize some transactions or if you have any questions, contact us.

To learn more, read Email and text fraud: can you tell a fake message from a real one?