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We offer our members a fraud prevention service via text message.

If you've already provided your mobile number, we'll be able to contact you to confirm your credit card transactions.

If you'd like to try it, call the number on the back of your credit card. Note that we will never ask you for personal information via text message.

Report fraud

Lost or stolen card

Report your card lost or stolen immediately to prevent fraudulent transactions on your account.


Protect your account from fraudulent emails pretending to be from Desjardins.

Identity theft

Get help from competent lawyers with assistance services available for free to Desjardins members.

Fraud trends

Learn about all the latest scams.

Mystery shopper scams on the rise

Increase in scams targeting young people


Cloning and computer security breaches are commonly-used scams to compromise credit cards.

Other fraud

Report any fraud that could be detrimental to Desjardins members to the authorities.

Desjardins protects you

Guaranteed 100% secure and zero liability

Make transactions securely with programs that refund your money in the event of in-store or online fraud.

Secured communication with your advisor

Securely share confidential information with your advisor.

How we protect your privacy

Desjardins takes several measures to protect your personal information.

Our security measures

Learn about the technological solutions and practices used by Desjardins to protect your transactions and personal information.

Mobile version of sites

Benefit from the same level of security on your mobile device as on your computer.

Report a potential vulnerability

Desjardins Group is highly committed to protecting your information and ensuring the availability of its services.

Tips from our experts

On your mobile device

Simple tips to protect your mobile device and personal information.

5 essential tips to protect your mobile device
Mobile services - Security FAQ


Protect your computer from online threats and prying eyes.

Use AccèsD securely
Protect your computer
Check the authenticity of email
Choose a good password

When you invest

Your hard-earned money deserves to grow in the right hands. Learn to recognize fraudulent investment opportunities.

Investment fraud prevention
Déjouer la fraude financière en 5 bonnes questions (in French only) - External link. This link will open in a new window.

Spot fraud and scams

Scammers have creative ways of getting money from their victims. Stay ahead of their game!

Watch out for scams
Elder abuse prevention
The Government of Canada’s little black book of scam - External link. This link will open in a new window.

Protect your personal information

Limit public access to your personal information and protect yourself against identity theft.

Information you need to protect
Identity restoration kit

On social media

Set yourself a few basic rules to protect your privacy and reputation.

Use social networks in a secure manner

Protect your business

Find out how to prevent fraud today for a worry-free tomorrow.

Protect your business