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Quebec government professionals

Desjardins ad

With the Desjardins gouv offer, take advantage of attractive rates and reduced fees on a complete range of products and services

  • Desjardins is the leading financial cooperative group in Canada, and the largest financial group in Quebec.
  • Nearly 1,200 points of service and 45 Desjardins Business centres in Quebec and Ontario.
  • Direct access to your finances from your smartphone and tablet with Desjardins mobile services.

When you take advantage of this offer, your spouse can enjoy most of the personal finance benefits1 that you do, provided he or she is a member of your caisse.

Accounts - Marry efficiency with savings

Plan with unlimited transactions2 - The fixed monthly rate plan

Take advantage of a preferential rate of $7.95 per month on the Premium Plus plan and save $14 on standard plan fees.

The unlimited transactions plan is applicable to all transactions using any access method—teller, automated services3, cheques. It includes:

  • Interac e-Transfers ® 4 (unlimited)
  • Desjardins model personalized cheques (100 cheques a year)
  • Cheque certification (unlimited)
  • Drafts and money orders (unlimited)
  • Basic safety deposit box5
  • Return of paper cheque images (offer valid only with monthly account statements only)

Associated services - To make managing your money easier

Overdraft transfer - Avoid nasty surprises

Cover your eligible caisse account, at no charge6, if there are insufficient funds using your Desjardins credit card7.

Credit cards - Take advantage of a generous rewards program

Visa Desjardins Gold cards - A selection of prestigious cards

Get a rebate in BONUSDOLLARS® equivalent to 50% of the annual fees and coverage of up to $1,000 with Mobile Device Insurance8 on these cards:

  • Elegance® Gold
  • Modulo® Gold
  • Odyssey® Gold

Please contact your caisse to benefit from your BONUSDOLLARS rebate.

Guaranteed fixed-rate investments - Savings without risk

Exclusive access to current rates for investments of $50,000 or more, as well as for investments of less than $50,000. Available only on regular term savings and diversified term savings offered at the caisse.

Term savings
Diversified term savings

Desjardins online brokerage9 - For the autonomous investor

Carry out your online transactions and make the most of our exclusive offer.

  • Commission credit of $100 deposited into your account when it's opened
  • No administration fees the 1st year 10 when opening a registered account
  • Rebate of up to $135 on transfer fees for portfolios worth more than $15,000

Desjardins Securities11 - Invest in the stock market with our support

  • No administration fees the 1st year when opening a registered account
  • Rebate of $100 on applicable commissions the 1st month following account opening
  • Rebate of transfer fees12 on competitor accounts

Chorus II Portfolios13 - Investing with distinction

Sophisticated investment solution whose objective is to optimize the net return of your after-tax investments (applies to Corporate Class Chorus II Portfolios).

  • Management fees decrease as your asset value increases. See your representative for details.
  • Usually only available to clients with initial investments of at least $100,000. However, no minimum amount is required.

Desjardins financing products, partners in your projects

Personal Loans - Make your projects a reality

Additional 1% rate reduction.

Lines of credit - Take advantage of a flexible financing solution

Get financing tailored to your needs, while making the most of reduced rates granted on:

Mortgage - Finance your real estate project

For new financing and renewals

  • Prime rate or best offer on the reduced variable rate mortgages
  • Reduction of up to 1.75% on the fixed-rate portion of the hybrid mortgages

For new financing:

$1,000 cash back when you take out a new mortgage

RRSP loan - For tax savings

Make the most of attractive rates for RRSP loans to borrow, contribute and save for your retirement.

* Registered trademarks of Interac Inc. Used under license.

**Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

® Elegance, Modulo, Odyssey and BONUSDOLLARS are registered trademarks of Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec.

Conditions apply to all the products and services offered.

Financing offers (Desjardins credit cards, payment methods and all other forms of financing) are subject to credit approval.

May not be combined with any other offer or promotion. Content of the Distinctive Offer may change without prior notice.

  1. Except Visa Desjardins cards.
  2. Free when you maintain a minimum balance of $5,000.
  3. For withdrawals from non-Desjardins ATMs in the Interac* and Plus**, network service charges apply.
  4. Interac e-Transfer is a registered trademark of Interac Inc. Used under license.
  5. Depending on availability.
  6. No subscription, monthly or transaction fees. The charges that apply are the credit charges linked to cash advances. These are calculated at the Visa Desjardins rate at the time the advance is given.
  7. Service may be suspended due to a number of factors, such as available credit limit for overdraft transfer, the card conditions, or applicable credit and security rules.
  8. In the event your cellphone, smartphone or tablet is lost, stolen, accidentally damaged or experiences mechanical failure. Insurance coverage is underwritten by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida (ABIC). ABIC, its subsidiaries, and affiliates carry on business in Canada under the name of Assurant Solutions®. ®Assurant Solutions is a registered trademark of Assurant Inc. Details of your insurance coverage, including definitions, benefits, limitations, and exclusions, are in the Certificate of Insurance provided with your card. The Certificate of Insurance is also available at
  9. Desjardins Securities Inc. uses the trade name "Desjardins Online Brokerage" for its discount brokerage activities. Discount brokerage products and services are consolidated under the trademark "Disnat". Desjardins Securities is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).
  10. No annual administration fees if the market value of the registered retirement savings plan or the locked-in retirement account is superior to $15,000 or if the value of the registered retirement income fund or life income fund is superior to $25,000.
  11. Desjardins Securities is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).
  12. Applicable to transfers of $50,000 and over only. The minimum account balance after transfers must be $100,000.
  13. Desjardins Funds are not guaranteed, their value fluctuates frequently and their past performance is not indicative of their future returns. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Desjardins Funds are offered by such registered dealers as the Desjardins Financial Services Firm, a mutual fund dealer belonging to the Desjardins Group that distributes the Funds in caisses throughout Québec and Ontario, as well as through the Centre financier Desjardins.
  14. The prime rate is the annual variable interest rate that is publicly and occasionally set by the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec, and from which it calculates the interest rate on the loans it grants in Canadian dollars in Canada.
  15. Offered in Quebec only.
  16. For financing of at least $100,000. This line of credit is guaranteed by a 1st-rank immovable hypothec.
  17. The cash back will be paid out for all new Desjardins mortgages of more than $100,000 and will be deposited in the account linked to the mortgage. For eligible professionals signed up for the Distinction offer, this cash back also applies to our promotional mortgage rates, provided the loan term is at least 48 months.

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