Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada

We put together a package with everything you'll need while you study in Canada. Get a bank account with a free monthly plan and unlimited free transactions. We'll help you manage your money without the headaches.

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Moving to a new country comes with a load of questions. Our multilingual experts are here to help you.

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Our package for international students

The offer is valid as long as you are a full-time student.

  • Bank account including a free monthly plan with unlimited transactions
  • A rewards credit card

More features

  • Free and easy withdrawals with a huge network of ATMs
  • The Desjardins mobile services app, to manage your finances on the go

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Are bank accounts really necessary?

It's not mandatory for international students to open a bank account. But, a Desjardins bank account gives you so many advantages because it was designed to make your life easier while you study in Canada.

  • It helps you manage your finances.
  • Use it to deposit your paycheque when you work in Canada.
  • Use it to pay your rent.
  • Free Interac® e-Transfers make it easy to pay back your friends.

What's the difference between a credit card and a debit card?

Use a debit card to make purchases or withdrawals directly from your account or to withdraw cash.

Use a credit card to charge your purchases to your account and pay for them later. You have to pay back the amount borrowed before the due date. Credit cards are useful for online shopping or making reservations and, when you use your credit card wisely, you also build your credit score.

Frequently asked questions

  • Your valid passport
  • The official immigration request document issued by the Canadian or Quebec government (acceptance letter or study permit)

The package for international students is perfect for you if you're a member and full-time university student, or if you’re between 18 and 25 years old and a full-time student at a recognized Canadian college or vocational school.

The offer is valid only for the Unlimited plan. Once the offer expires, the plan is $13.95 per month. You can keep the plan or choose another. Your plan may be free if you maintain the required minimum balance.

If you open an account online before you leave your country, you may make a money transfer to your Desjardins account before you arrive.

The financial institution in your home country may charge you for transferring money to Desjardins. Fees vary among countries.

Learn more about international money transfers

Fees vary, depending on:

  • where the transfer is done. The cost of a transfer on AccèsD is not the same as a transfer done at a caisse.
  • the destination country.
  • how the transfer is done. The cost of a direct deposit transfer is not the same as a SWIFT transfer.

Transfers are free when they are done by direct deposit to a Desjardins Bank account (in Florida). You can see the options, fees and transfer times on AccèsD.

360d spaces: on-campus centres designed for students

Desjardins 360d spaces are financial advice centres for students ages 18 to 30. Our client relations associates understand your needs and use innovative technology to help you achieve all your goals.

Learn more about 360d

The Desjardins difference

Desjardins is not a bank. We're a cooperative financial group and we think that money should be at the service of human development. We believe in personal commitment, democratic action, cooperative responsibility, integrity, rigour and inter-cooperation.

Why choose Desjardins

Smart students budget and plan

Canada is home to a long list of colleges and universities that offer a wide range of programs at very affordable tuition rates.

How to pay for your education

You have many options.

Work while you study

Students can work 20 hours a week to pay for their school and earn some Canadian professional experience.

Get a scholarship

Many foundations offer scholarships. Check your school or university website.

More to consider

Not a student?

We have another package for newcomers to Canada that includes a monthly plan and a no-fee account with unlimited transactions.

See the package for newcomers

® Interac e-Transfer is a registered trademark of Interac Corp. Used under licence.

  1. This promotional offer is for student members. This includes members between the ages of 18 and 21; members ages 22 to 25 enrolled in a full-time college or professional program at a recognized educational institution in Canada; and members who are full-time students at a Canadian university, regardless of their age. If you get this offer, you can choose the Unlimited plan, free of charge, or apply the value of this plan, meaning $13.95 a month, to the monthly fee of the Unlimited Plus plan and pay only the difference, which is $8.00 a month. To get this offer, you must go to your caisse or call 1-800-CAISSES. You must also be able to prove that you meet the eligibility requirements. No matter which plan you select, an additional fee of $1.50, $3 or $5 will apply to any withdrawals made from non-Desjardins ATMs affiliated with the Interac® and Plus* networks. Some providers charge additional fees to use their ATMs. They must notify you via an on-screen message before processing the transaction, so you can choose to cancel the transaction. These fees are added to the withdrawal amount.
  2. At Desjardins ATMs only. For withdrawals from non-Desjardins ATMs in the Interac and Plus* networks, additional fees apply.
  3. With an account that includes a monthly plan.
  4. To qualify for a Desjardins credit card through this offer, the new immigrant must open an account at a Desjardins caisse in Quebec or a participating caisse in Ontario and demonstrate the intention to settle in Canada. Desjardins conducts a credit risk assessment before issuing credit cards and setting credit limits. Other conditions apply.