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Wealth Management

Your team of experts

Your team of experts - Details

Your team of experts - Details

Financial planners1 play a pivotal role at Desjardins Wealth Management services.

After assessing your situation and projects, they develop your Action Plan that includes relevant and realistic solutions.

Financial planners also help you implement your plan.

If needed, they can put you in touch with other Desjardins experts such as investment advisors, financial security advisors and private wealth managers.

  1. Desjardins financial planners act on behalf of Desjardins Financial Services Firm Inc.

Investment advisors2 are members of Desjardins Securities. They closely follow economic and corporate trends, at home and abroad.

With the use of advanced tools, they can detect good investment opportunities and help you take advantage of them.

Their recommendations are in keeping with your investor profile and risk tolerance.

  1. Investment advisors are employees of Desjardins Securities. Desjardins Securities is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).

Their concern: protecting you and your loved ones.

Financial security advisors3 have the expertise required to offer life, health and disability insurance solutions.

Over the years, they propose the necessary changes to ensure that your insurance needs are properly met.

Your needs are retirement are not the same as those at the time you started your family.

  1. Financial security advisors are employees of Desjardins Financial Security, a financial services firm.

If you have assets of $1 million or are on your way to getting there, you qualify for Desjardins Private Wealth Management services.

Dedicated to your file, private wealth managers4 are your primary point of contact.

They coordinate a multidisciplinary team to bring you high-calibre financial and trust services.

Their professionalism and accessibility make them a valuable ally.

  1. Private wealth managers are advising representatives or assistant advising representatives for Desjardins Investment Management Inc. services, registered as a portfolio manager with Autorité des marchés financiers.