Regular Deposit Term Savings

The best way to save and stay on budget

  • Capital 100% guaranteed
  • 1- to 5-year terms
  • Interest rate: 0.40% to 1.10% (fixed, guaranteed until maturity)
  • Redeemable in full or in part: in full with no penalty on the third and fourth deposit anniversary dates under certain conditions
  • It's ideal if you want to build capital with regular set amounts to carry out a project or spread your RRSP contribution over the entire year.
  • Even a modest sum—invested regularly—can yield surprising results.

Interest rate

Guaranteed until maturity

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Eligible plans

  • Registered plans: TFSA, RRSP, FTA1 and RDSP
  • Non-registered plans

Minimum deposit

  • $1,200 for 1 year
  • $3,000 for other terms

Deposit amount and frequency

  • You choose your amount
  • You can change it at any time
  • You choose your frequency:
    • weekly, every 2 weeks
    • twice a month or monthly


You can convert your investment into a down payment on a home at any time when you apply for a mortgage loan from your caisse.


  1. Not available in Ontario.
  • Simple: an easy way to put money aside on a regular basis painlessly!
  • Stable and secure: your capital and interest are guaranteed
  • Forward-looking: you're sure to reach your objectives—right from the start

Rate subject to change without notice.