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Student financing

Because studying is expensive

Desjardins has credit products tailored to your needs to cover the cost of your studies.

Get a better overview of your financing

Worried about taking on too much debt during your studies? To put your mind at ease, use our debt calculator - This link will open in a new window. . For more tips and tricks, see Financing your education.

Student Advantage Line of Credit

For students who do not qualify for government financial aid or who do not receive sufficient aid.

  • Get an attractive variable rate during your studies.
  • Pay only the interest on the principal during your full-time studies.
Learn more - Student Advantage Line of Credit

Student STRATEGIC Line of Credit

For university students in specific fields.

Learn more - Student STRATEGIC Line of Credit

Government Guaranteed Student Loan

For Quebec residents who are full-time vocational, CEGEP or university students.

  • Apply online.
  • Choose the repayment strategy that’s best for you.
Learn more - Government Guaranteed Student Loan


Excellent to start building your credit.

  • Enjoy Mobile Device Insurance at no charge.
  • Personalize your card image.

Cash Back credit cards

For full-time university students.

  • Get a credit card with no annual fees and cash rewards.
  • Enjoy Mobile Device Insurance at no charge.
Learn more - Cash Back credit cards

Visa Odyssey Gold credit card

For full-time university students in certain fields of study.

  • Take advantage of the BONUSDOLLARS® Rewards Program.
  • Get comprehensive travel insurance.
Learn more - Carte de crédit Visa Or Odyssée

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