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Community involvement

The Desjardins Business Centre - Lévis-Lotbinière-Bellechasse-Bellechasse aims to be a leading partner with businesses. Its actions and its presence in the community are made apparent through the concrete actions it takes, driven by a desire for efficiency and professionalism.

Whether it be through its constructive and friendly approach or through its creative solutions and the way it implements activities with an added-value, the team of professionals from the Desjardins Business Centre - Lévis-Lotbinière-Bellechasse strives to guide businesses through each step of their development with a complete range of financial products and services.


Flexible and accessible financing solutions

VISA Desjardins Business Freedom Solutions

A made-to-measure financial package which simplifies your business and gives you quick access to several types of financing to cover operating expenses and unforeseen circumstances, with highly flexible repayment options. You can obtain a line of credit of up to $50,000, Accord D Business financing of up to $50,000 and financing of up to $50,000 with a VISA Desjardins Business Card

Operating line of credit

The perfect solution to finance inventories and client accounts, to take advantage of supplier discounts, to protect your business against risk of insufficient funds or to meet specific needs.

Commercial term loans

The perfect solution for purchasing the goods and equipment needed to run your business, help it grow or improve its financial structure without impeding cash flow.

Commercial mortgage

To finance real estate projects, such as buying land, or building or expanding a building.

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