Budgeting for pet care

  • Age group:
    Students ages 10 and 11
  • When:
    October and November
  • Time required:
    4 hours

Financial and cooperative skills

  • Understanding how to plan expenses
  • Making a budget and evaluating your financial capacity
  • Understanding the importance of saving
  • Differentiating between cooperative values


For students ages 10 to 11

After learning how to make budgets, students are asked to solve a mathematical problem where they have to care for a parrot. To do so, they have to think about their money and expense

Disciplinary competencies

Disciplines Competencies Learning progression
Mathematics Solve a mathematical situation/problem Using equations to assess a situation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, natural numbers and decimals
English Read a variety of genres Reading comprehension

Non-disciplinary competencies

  • Problem-solving
  • Developing efficient work methods