International trade

International trade

Develop new markets abroad

Simplify your foreign business operations. Take advantage of our high-performance products and services to help you conquer the international market.

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Doing business abroad requires significant planning to reduce the financial risks for your business and optimize your chances for success. We’ll guide you to toward the best strategies and most secure products to ensure you get to where you want to be.

Manage currency risk

Minimize risks associated with exchange rate fluctuations worldwide with our foreign exchange strategies and tools.

Simplify and secure your foreign trades

Quickly receive payments for your import/export transactions. Limit the risks involved with our tools and payment methods.

Taking on the European market

Develop your operations in Europe and gain access to an extensive network of local experts and partners through our team at the Desjardins Representative Office (Europe).

Improve cash management

Optimize your working capital to support your international expansion with our monetization solution.

Factoring allows you to collect receivables before their due date.

Surround yourself with experts from all over the world

Access a network of experts in about 50 countries. Choose the best markets and foreign partners with International Gateway and Export Development Canada (EDC) partnership.

Accelerate your foreign trades

Facilitate foreign trade and mitigate your financial risks.

We put efficient cash management solutions and banking services at your disposal to simplify your business dealings in the U.S.

Conquer new markets with the Desjardins Capital Transatlantic Fund

Desjardins Capital and its French partner Groupe Siparex have created a fund to help you with your European growth.

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