Business projects

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Business projects

Make the right decisions for your business today for a successful tomorrow Learn more >

Start your own business

Get the practical information you need to help you with your projects.

Optimize your management style

Expert strategies and tips to help you grow your business with a focus on sustainability.

Finance your business

Learn how to prepare a business plan, outline project costs, choose the right kind of financing, and apply for financing.

International trade

A complete range of international products and services and a business development team dedicated to assisting businesses.

Save money with the Green Program

Get Desjardins financial products to ensure profitability and a strong environmental performance.

Adopt sustainable business practices

Desjardins supports your efforts to reduce the environmental impact of your operations.

Farm transfer and help for new farmers

To protect your business' future as well as your own, you can count on our account managers to give you support and sound advice.

Transfer, buy or sell a business

We've established a guidance process to create favourable conditions for successfully completing your project.

Protect your company, employees and family

Count on our expertise to help ensure your business continuity, no matter what happens.